1-day trip around Zagreb: countrysides

PERSONAL COLLECTION of 1-day trips to sights of Zagreb countryside up to 100 km from the city

Zagreb is a city with rich, diverse history, with lots of monuments of architecture from all sorts of periods, with lots of parks, museums, and other entertainments for tourists.

However, the countrysides of Zagreb represent just as much of interest: castles and old colorful towns, waterfalls and missile, “tasty” restaurants of the local cuisine of Zagorje…. all that can be seen and experienced within less than 100 km from Zagreb city.

Below, I offer my own list of exciting one-day trip destinations, not far from Zagreb:

Samobor town – 25 km from Zagreb

Samobor town
Samobor town is not big cute traditional town of central part of Croatia.

Samobor is located only in 24 km from the center of the Croatian capital – Zagreb city, and in 8 km apart from the border of Slovenia.

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Okic old town-fortress – 28 km from Zagreb

Okic old town-fortress
Okic old town-fortress is considered one of the oldest fortress-cities of Croatia.

That is a unique example of the preserved Roman architecture, found in the continental Croatia, located on the secluded rocky ridge top of the Plesivice.

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“Cowboy Western Ranch” restaurant and relax area with horses – 32 km from Zagreb

"Cowboy Western Ranch" restaurant and relax area

“Cowboy Western Ranch” restaurant and relax area with horses, located 32 km from center of Zagreb and 10 km from New Zagreb.

The ranch is located surrounded by picturesque forests Vukomerička gorica. For lovers of nature and horses, this is an ideal place to relax from the bustle of the city.

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Oršić Castle in Gornja Stubica – 39 km from Zagreb

Oršić Castle in Gornja Stubica
Orsic Castle in Gornja Stubica of Croatian Zagorje is located just 39 km from Zagreb city.

A palace in the Baroque style, built in the 18th century on the remains of a medieval fortress. In the 19th century, a balcony with Greek columns of the Classicism was adjoined to it.

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Ruins of Bisag Castle – 46 km from Zagreb

Ruins of Bisag Castle
Ruins of Bisag Castle belong to the 14th century. The castle life back then was full of events!

Looking at what remains from it today, it’s hard to imagine that this building has once had four round towers – a tower in each corner – and one rectangular, right in the middle. The castle was also surrounded with a moat with water, and it was only possible to get inside by a bridge.

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Zelingrad medieval old town – 49 km from Zagreb

Zelingrad medieval old town

Zelingrad medieval old town has for a long time been one of the most important stone fortresses around Zagreb.

The first mention of Zelingrad dates back to 1295, it is believed that the was found after the invasion of the Tatars in 1242.

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Karlovac – 53 km from Zagreb

Karlovac city

Karlovac is one of the most ancient and the most beautiful towns of Croatia.

Karlovac was founded in the 16th century, and today it is the administrative centre of the Karlovac region of Croatia.

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Vuglec Breg hotel & restaurant – Paradise for soul and body – 54 km from Zagreb

Vuglec Breg hotel & restaurant

An unique place for the soul relaxation and the gastronomical pleasures – hotel-pension and restaurant “Vuglec Breg” in 54 km from the Zagreb city.

The pension is located among the picturesque hills and “gingerbread” houses of the Zagorje, in the quietness, disturbed only by the birds’ singing.

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Dubrovac Fortress of Karlovac – 56 km from Zagreb

Dubrovac Fortress of Karlovac

Dubrovac Fortress of Karlovac is located in 4 km from the historical center of the Karlovac city, and in 56 km from Zagreb city.

Dubrovac Fortress is one of the best-preserved and the most beautiful monuments of Croatian medieval architecture.

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Kumrovec old village – 60 km from Zagreb

Kumrovec old village
Kumrovec old village is located on the left bank of the river Sutla, which acts as the border between Croatia and Slovenia, just 60 km from Zagreb city.

Here is located an ethnographic museum, which shows the life of an old settlement of Zagorje and old-fashioned crafts.

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Ruins of Canjevo fortress – 60 km from Zagreb

Ruins of Canjevo fortress
There is very little information about the fortress in historical writings. The first mentionings of the settlement from around the place where the fortress is built belong to a period in between 3400 to 2500 BC.

It’s highly possible, that the roots of this very settlement lie even deeper in the labyrinths of ancient history – some factors suggest it might have been the bronze age.

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Novigrad na Dobri old town + stone bridge + river swimming – 64 km from Zagreb

Novigrad na Dobri old town
Novigrad na Dobri is an old town-fortress is first mentioned in various medias in 1193.

For a long time fortress was property of Frankopan family which was one of the richest and most influential at the time.

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Ruins of Grebengrad – 65 km from Zagreb

Ruins of Grebengrad
First mentionings of the Grebengrad belong to 1209. Hidden between the hills of Ivancice mountain, Grebengraf was well-populated for a long period of time.
For a long time, Grebengrad was one of the largest fortification constructions in an entire Croatian Zagorje region.

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Ozalj castle in Karlovac – 66 km from Zagreb

Ozalj castle in Karlovac – 66km from Zagreb

Ozalj Castle of Karlovac is located in 17 km from the historical center of the Karlovac city, and in 66 km from Zagreb city.

The castle is located at the top of the rock; it rises above the Kupa river – it was initially build to guard its waters and banks.

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Restaurant “Gresne gorice” Zagorje – 67 km from Zagreb

Restaurant “Gresne gorice” Zagorje
Nearby the Veliki Tabor castle, lies one of the best traditional Croatian Zagorje cuisine restaurant – restaurant “Gresne Gorice”.

Located among the vineyards and the picturesque rural surroundings, restaurant “Gresne gorice” invites to try the best traditional meals of Zagorje.

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Old town Kalnik – 68 km from Zagreb

Old town Kalnik
Old Kalnik town is located on the Kalnik mountain, to the north-west from Krizevici village.

The first mention of Kalnik belongs to the written document dated 5th of June 1243.
Kalnik, built on a steep natural rock, has been a great help in lots of wars, as it turned out to be an insuperable obstacle for the attackers.

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Veliki Tabor Castle – 69 km from Zagreb

Veliki Tabor Castle – 69 km from Zagreb

Castle Veliki Tabor is the most famous Croatian castles.

The castle located on an elevated space covered in vegetation In the northwestern part of the Croatian Zagorje, not far from the settlement of Desinic, just 69 km from Zagreb city.

Veliki Tabor is found in the UNESCO high category world monuments list.

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Ruins of medieval Milengrad Castle – 73 km from Zagreb

Ruins of Grebengrad
Ruins of the once great medieval Milengrad Castle art located at the top of the hill with an amazing view onto the picturesque surroundings.
The castle was built under the rule of Hungarian-Croatian king Bela IV.
For a pretty long time, the command in the castle was being passed from hands to hands a lot.

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Trakoscan palace – 80 km from Zagreb

Trakoscan Palace and park

Trakoscan Palace is one of the best-preserved architectural attractions of the Zagorje region. The palace is located in 80 km from the Zagreb city.

Trakoscan Palace is not just a cultural monument of the highest class, but also a beautiful landscape ensemble.

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Rafting & kayaking on Kupa river – 87 km from Zagreb

Rafting & kayaking near Zagreb
On the banks of Kupa river, 40 km from Karlovac city and 87 km from Zagreb, a new entertainment for lovers of active water recreation in nature – rafting & kayaking.

Kupa in this place forms several seething rapids, rafting along Kupa will be equally interesting for both beginners and advanced kayakers.

New modern equipment – kayaks, quad bikes, and team of passionate experienced professionals – that guarantees you a great vacation and unforgettable experience from and active day off.

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Rastoke waterfalls & watermills – 104 km from Zagreb

Rastoke waterfalls & watermills Croatia
Rastoke is a picturesque village in a small canyon with waterfalls (up to 12 meters high) and watermills – the historical centre of Slunj town, famous for its small waterfalls and well-preserved watermills.

Sljun town was firstly mentioned in written sources, which belong to 1689; the biggest amount of buildings here were built at the end of 19th century – beginning of 20th century.

At the times of its maximal development Rastoke had total of 22 mills.

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The nearest Adriatic coast – 175 km from Zagreb

Beaches in Kvarner
And the most interesting)
from Zagreb you can trip for 1 day to the sea and back.

Because to the nearest resort coast of  Adriatic Sea ☀☀☀ from Zagreb is only 175 km on a good road the trip will take you only 2 hours ;)

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Have a great weekends!