Aquariums in Croatia

Aquariums in Croatia is a traditionally one of the most interesting entertainment for children and their parents. There are some aquariums in different cities of Croatia:

  • Aquarium in Sibenik
  • Aquarium in Pula
  • Aquarium in Porec
  • Aquarium in Umag
  • Aquarium in Rovinj
  • Aquarium in Crikvenica
  • Aquarium in Dubrovnik
  • Freshwater aquarium “Aquatika” in Karlovac

Aquarium in Sibenik

In spring and summer there is an aquarium working in Sibenik city for children and their parents. It acquaints the visitors with amazing wonders of the underwater world of the Adriatic and the tropical areas.

Croatia The Sibenik Aquarium

Croatia The Sibenik Aquarium

The Sibenik Aquarium has the area of 200 sq.m. and has 20 aquariums. The most impressive one is the 7,000 litre aquarium with sharks and rays.

The address of the aquarium is Sibenik:

Sibenik, Kralja Tomislava 15a, 50 meters away from St James Cathdral

Croatia The Sibenik Aquarium

Web site of Sibenik aquarium //

Aquarium in Pula

Aquarium Pula is located in the Austro-Hungarian fortress Verudela, which was built in 1886 on the peninsula 3 km from the centre of the city of Pula. Transforming the fortress into the aquarium has been in progress since 2002.

Aquarium Akvarij Pula Croatia

The installation has been set in about 60 tanks on the ground floor, the moat, and the first floor of the fortress.

Aquarium Akvarij Pula Croatia

In an area of approx. 2000 m2 visitors can get acquainted with inhabitants of Northern and Southern Adriatic Sea, tropical marine and freshwater fish and with representatives of European rivers and lakes. From the roof of the fort, a unique view of the entire city of Pula and Istria stretches to the distant horizon, while in the moat you can enjoy refreshments on our summer terrace.

Aquarium Akvarij Pula Croatia

The address of the Pula aquarium: Verudela bb, 52105 Pula

Web site of Pula aquarium

Aquarium in Porec

The Porec Aquarium is located in the center of Porec city and has a number of services for its visitors.

The Aquarium has 24 aquariums with flora and fauna from the Adriatic coast (with approximately 80 different species).

Aquarium Akvarij Porec Croatia

The Aquarium also has a bar service for refreshments and a souvenir shop, as well as washroom facilities for visitors. The entire area is air conditioned.

Aquarium Akvarij Porec Croatia

The cost of enterance ticket to Crikvenica aquarium:

for adult – 40 kn; for child – 20 kn; children to 3 years – free

Aquarium Akvarij Porec Croatia

The address of the Porec aquarium: Franje Glavinica 4, Porec

Web site of Porec aquarium

Aquarium in Rovinj

In 100-year-old the Ruder Boskovic Institute’s Centre for Maritime Research in Rovinj city guests can admire all the wealth of the fauna of the Adriatic underwater world. It was opened in 1891 as the Zoological Station of the Berlin Aquarium and it belongs among the oldest institutions of that kind in the world.

Aquarium Akvarij Rovinj Croatia

The Rovinj Aquarium exhibits a good collection of local marine life, from poisonous scorpion fish to colourful anemones.

Aquarium Akvarij Rovinj Croatia

During the summer months, it is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The cost of enterance ticket to Rovinj aquarium: for adult – 20 kn; for child – 10 kn

The address of the Rovinj aquarium: Obala G. Paliage 5, Rovinj

Aquarium in Crikvenica

The Aquarium is located in the centre of Crikvenica. In its pleasant ambience of approximately 200 sq.m, there are more than a hundred fish species from the Adriatic Sea (moray, dogfish, red scorpionfish, dusky grouper, etc.), about fifty tropical fish species (angelfish, clownfish, blowfish, zebrafish, etc.) and several freshwater fish species, the most interesting being piranha and neonfish.

Aquarium Akvarij Crikvenica Croatia

The Aquarium also includes a souvenir shop offering a wide range of items.

Aquarium Akvarij Crikvenica Croatia

The cost of enterance ticket to Crikvenica aquarium: 20 kn

The address of the Crikvenica aquarium: Vinodolska ulica 8, 51260 Crikvenica

Web site of Crikvenica aquarium //

Aquarium in Dubrovnik

The Dubrovnik Aquarium is situated in the Fort St. Ivan as a Marine Museum in Dubrovnik city. Visitors will be able to see 31 aquarium pools, in which are the many and varied fauna and flora of the Adriatic Sea.

Guests will meet with the earliest inhabitants of Dubrovnik Aquarium, a turtle that has been here since 1953, the octopus, tooth, gilthead, sea bass, eels, murine, and until recently rare in the Adriatic – “kostorog”, the coral in the shape of flower bushes, sea stars, sea urchins, snails, clams, shrimp and other.

Aquarium Dubrovnik Akvarij Dubrovnik Croatia

Aquarium Dubrovnik Akvarij Dubrovnik Croatia

The address of the Dubrovnik aquarium: Kneza Damjana Jude 12, pp. 83, Dubrovnik

Web site of Dubrovnik aquarium

Aquatika freshwater aquarium in Karlovac

Aquatika freshwater aquarium in Karlovac city was opened in 2016. The aquarium exhibits more than 100 freshwater fish species.

After all there is a reason why Karlovac is called “the city of four rivers”.

Aquatika freshwater aquarium in Karlovac

➝ more about Freshwater Karlovac aquarium

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