Beaches of Sibenik & Sibenik Riviera

The beaches of Sibenik and Riviera are the beaches of Sibenik itself, the famous beaches of the Vodice resort, the beaches of Primosten.

The beaches of Sibenik Riviera are considered of Sibenik the settlements – Tribunj, Srima, Zaton, Skradin, Zaboric, Marina, Vinisce.

  • beaches in Vodice resort
  • beaches in Primosten
  • beaches of Murter island

Beaches of Sibenik city

Beach Sibenik Croatia

Banj city beach – Sibenik city

Banj beach is a small-pebbled beach not far from the centre of Sibenik, the beach has a view of the old centre of Sibenik.

Banj beach of Sibenik offers numerous kinds of water entertainment to its guests. Banj beach is sloping, small-pebbled, and is good for rest with children.

Banj beach has the international Blue Flag award for the cleanness of the sea.

Banj beach is the most beautiful beach of the Adriatic, it is a cult beach of the riviera of Sibenik.

Beach Sibenik Croatia

Jadrija city beach – Sibenik city

Jadrija city beach is located in the nearest suburb of Sibenik, it has been one of the most popular places for swimming since 1921.

The beach is conveniently connected with Sibenik by transport.

Beach Sibenik Croatia

Solaris sandy beach  – 6 km from Sibenik city

The famous sandy beach of the Solaris Beach Resort of Sibenik is located in 8 km from Sibenik city, and is rightfully considered among the best sandy beaches of Croatia.

Sandy Beach Solaris Sibenik Croatia

Solaris Beach Resort includes:

Hotel Niko 4*

Hotel Ivan 4*

Amadria Park Andrija 4*

Resort hotel Villas Kornati 4*

Camping Solaris 4* with mobile homes

Car camping Adriatic 3*

Sandy Beach Solaris Sibenik Croatia

For children, the Solaris resort offers a variety of entertainment – children’s pools, water slides, playgrounds, animation …
The interior of Amadria Park Andrija 4* hotel, as well as exterior, follows an underwater theme, including mermaids, dolphins, sea turtles and other motifs. The hotel reception features a smaller children’s reception where the young guests can enjoy a volcano-shaped slide while being entertained by the hotel mascot.
Not far from the Amadria Park Andrija 4* hotel is located Solaris Water park with water attractions for children and their parents.

Sandy Beach Sibenik Croatia

The Solaris Beach Resort of Sibenik is a complex of hotels and a camping site, which are united and are equipped with different kinds of entertainment and a fascinating sandy beach.

Solaris beach offers its guests chaise lounges for sunbathing, umbrellas, water and sports entertainment, cafes and bars on the beach, restaurants and fast food places. In the evening Solaris sandy beach turns into a promenade area with beach discos and other kinds of entertainment.

Sandy Beach Solaris Sibenik Croatia

The bay of Solaris beach is 4 km long, and everyone can find a place on the beach — in a loud entertainment part, or in quieter areas.

The Solaris sandy beach has the Blue Flag international award for its very clean sea.

Terranea beach – 6 km from Sibenik city

Terranea beach is located 6 km away from the centre of Sibenik and 4 km away from the place where the famous European Terranea Music Festival is held.

Terranea Festival is visited by popular European artists every year. Terranea Festival is one of the top ten summer festivals of Europe.

Terranea beach has a beautiful view of all the bay of Sibenik.

During the Terranea Festival of music there are buses travelling to Terranea every half hour, and you can also get there by car, or by sea.

Beach Sibenik Croatia Terranea Festival

Rezaliste beach – 6 km from Sibenik city

Rezaliste beach is located in the settlement on Brodarica, which is 6 km away from Sibenik.

Rezaliste is a small-pebbled beach, and it is sloping, so it is recommended for resting with children. Lovers of active rest and sports are offered different Different kinds of water entertainment on the beach.

Beaches of Sibenik Riviera

Also, some other beaches of Sibenik riviera, although not as famous, but still clean and hospitable, are part of the riviera of Sibenik:

  • beaches Zdrace, Plitka vala, Kosirina – Betina
  • Lovisca, Lucica, Koromasna, beach in cave Sveti Nikola – resort town Jezera
  • beach Lojena of resort Kornati
  • beach Podjasenovac of island Murter
  • beaches Jazine, Sv. Andrija, Rastovac of resort settlement Tisno

Beaches of Vodice

Vodice beaches are one of the most popular beaches in Croatia.

Beaches in Vodice in the main small pebbles.

Resort Vodice is very popular for rest of family with children.

Plava beach – Vodice town

Praised in songs, one of the most popular beaches of Croatia — Plava beach — is located in the resort town of Vodice in the shade of pines and tamarisks.

Along the beach there is a promenade for walking and jogging, where numerous cafes and restaurants wait for their guests.

Plava beach in Vodice has a water park.

Beach Vodice Sibenik riviera Croatia

Plava beach in Vodice offers the rent of chaise lounges and umbrellas for sunbathing, it is equipped with showers and a ramp for the disabled leading into the sea. There is a children’s playground for the guests of the beach, and a parking area for 5 kunas per hour (20 kunas for half a day, 45 kunas for a full day).

On Plava beach you can rent a boat, a catamaran, a canoe, visit a beach massagist, visit a diving centre.

Plava beach in Vodice has received the Blue Flag for the cleanness of the sea for the sixth year in a row.

Beach Vodice Sibenik riviera Croatia

The resort Vodice also has a few small beaches.

Beach of hotel Imperial – Vodice resort

The beach located near Imperial 3* hotel Vodice is equipped with various kinds of cultural and water entertainment for the guests. The beach of Imperial hotel is free.

Beach Vodice hotel Imperial Croatia

Beach of hotel Olympia – Vodice resort

Beach of hotel Olympia 4* Vodice is a well equipped small-pebbled beach.

The beach is free to enter, and it is free for all guests.

Beach Vodice hotel Olympia Croatia

Srimi beach – Vodice resort

The new Srimi beach is a small-pebbled beach, and it is located in the centre of the town of Srimi. Peracic beach, built and equipped by the project of the architect Dinko Peracic has not lost its natural beauty.

Srimi beach offers numerous beach cafes and bars, near the beach there are also restaurants and fast food places, ice cream stalls and souvenir shops.

The beach is equipped with a shower and a toilet, there is a rescue service, children’s playgrounds, a football pitch, a basketball court, and a sandbox. Srimi beach offers the rent of chaise lounges and umbrellas for sunbathing to its guests.

Beach Vodice Sibenik riviera Croatia

Srimi beach is a small-pebbled sloping beach, and it is ideal for family rest with children.

Srimi beach has the international Blue Flag award for the cleanness of the sea area.

Beaches of Primosten

The famous resort Primosten is located on an island connected with the mainland by banked earth. Primosten surrounded by sea on all sides.

Primosten is also called the “beach city”!

The total length of the beaches of Primosten is 20 km

Distance from Primosten to city Sibenik is 25 km and to city Split – 60 km

Velika Raduca beach – Primosten resort

Velika Raduca beach is located on the isle of Raduc, it is one of the oldest and the most popular beaches of Croatia, Velika Raduca beach was equipped in 1996 together with the construction of the hotel Raduc of the same name.

Recently, Velika Raduca beach became much longer and it merged with another Primosten beach — Mala Raduca.

Beach in Primosten Sibenik riviera Croatia

Mala Raduca beach – Primosten town

Mala Raduca beach of Primosten is located practically in the centre of Primosten. Velika and Mala Raduca beaches occupy the area of 16,000 square metres combined.

Those who rest in Primosten go to the beach on foot, there is a parking lot for the guests who come by car.

Raduca beach is a small-pebbled beach sloping gently into the sea, the beach is ideal for family rest with children, and for the elderly, for those who like active beach rest there are places to play tennis, volleyball, water volleyball, badminton and many other kinds of sport.

Raduca beach is equipped with showers, toilets, changing cubicles, trampolines for children, you can rent chaise lounges, umbrellas and catamarans.

Beach in Primosten Sibenik riviera Croatia

On Raduca beach there is a beach bar with a great selection of drinks, a restaurant, and many offers of water entertainment and excursions. Not far from the beach, in the city of Primosten itself, there is a great selection of cafes, basrs, restaurants, shops, bakeries, souvenir shops and other places.

Beaches of Murter island

The resort isle of Murter of Sibenik riviera has a developed touristic infrastructure and is popular with those who like quiet rest in natural surroundings with wonderful scenery all around.

The isle of Murter is connected to the mainland by a highway bridge.

Slanica beach – island Murter

Slanice beach is the main beach of Murter, it is located 1 km away from the centre of Murter.

Slanice beach has been the most favourite beach of Croatia’s guests and the locals for several decades. The beach has a great view of Kornati archipelago.

Slanice beach is sloping, partly pebbled, one of the most beautiful beaches of Croatia, next to the beach there is the Colentum hotel.

Slanica beach offers its guests different kinds of entrtainment.

Beach on island Murter Croatia

Slanice gently slopes into the sea, which makes it ideal for rest with children of different ages, the elderly, and those who can’t swim well. The beach offers rent of chaise lounges, umbrellas, water catamarans, water bikes, as well as water slides.

Next to the beach there is a promenade with numerous cafes, bars, restaurants, souvenirs, there is also an amusement park for children.

Not far from Slanica beach there is a nudist beach.

Luka beach – island Murter

Luka beach is the city beach of Murter.

One part of Luka beach is sandy, the other one is stony with concrete areas for sunbathing.

Next to Luka beach of Murter there is a supermarket, a cafe, and a restaurant. The beach is equipped with showers.

Beach on island Murter Croatia

Podvrske beach – island Murter

Podvrske beach of Murter is partly sandy, partly pebbled, partly stony.

Podvrske beach is one of the favourite beaches of the locals living in Murter of Sibenik riviera and Croatia.

Podvrske beach is several km long, the way to the beach lies away from tourist routes, so Podvrske beach is rather secluded for those who like quiet rest by the sea.

Cigrada beach – island Murter

Beach on island Murter Croatia

Cigrada beach is located at the very entrance to the isle of Murter of riviera Sibenik, in the southern part of the island.

Cigrada beach of Murter is partly small-pebbled, partly stony. The beach has a cafe and a fish restaurant for the guests.

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