Bear refuge in Northern Velebit mountains – 164 km from Zagreb

Bear refuge Kuterevo is located in Кутерево находится in the heart of Lika in mountains Northern Velebit.

Kuterevo is a shelter for bear cubs who were left without a mother at different ages for various reasons and cannot get their own food and defend themselves.

Bears which grew up under the protection of people do not know how to survive in nature on their own and remain to live in the refuge. The refuge in Kuterevo is currently the only such project in the world.

Bear refuge in Northern Velebit mountains. Photo 1

Bear refuge in Northern Velebit is an ideal place for all lovers of these beautiful animals

Bear refuge was opened in 2002.
Volunteers take care of bears in the refuge.

Entrance to bear refuge is free.
Usually visitors leave voluntary donations to help bears.

Bear refuge in Northern Velebit mountains. Photo 2

Kuterevo is located 2 hours by car from Zagreb.

The Bear refuge is a great place to spend an interesting weekend with the whole family.

The address of refuge of bears: Kuterevo 103, Otočac

Kuterevo bear refuse on map of Croatia

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