Braavos town “Game of Throns” in Croatia

Most of the scenes from the “Game of Thrones”, in which Arya Stark appears in the Braavos are filmed in a Croatian seaside place called Kastel Gomilice. Kastel Gomilice is located in 16 km from Split city.

Braavos town "Game of Throns" in Croatia

Braavos in Kastel Gomilice

Middle Ages fortress, built by the female Benedictine monks, was chosen by the series script-writers to be transformed into the Braavos – a seaside city, where Arya Stark settles at the end of the fourth season.

She lives there with a fisherman Bruce and his daughters.

Braavos town "Game of Throns" in Croatia

Here is the spot on the map where you can find Braavos on Croatian map.

I myself spent a couple of hours searching for it, because the fortress is not visible from the highway. It’s hidden by newer buildings of the Kastel village.

Braavos in Kastel Gomilice on the map of Croatia

Braavos in Sibenik

Sibenik city appears in fifth season of the “Game of Thrones”, as the landscapes of the Braavos city.

The street scenes with Arya and Meryn Trant were filmed in front of the Cathedral of Saint James of Sibenik.

Braavos town "Game of Throns" in Croatia

Besides, a small fishing bay Mandroc, close to Sibenik, was used in another episode as a setting for Braavos bay, where Arya sailed to the trading city-state.