Brijuni safari park – Istria peninsula

Brijuni national park is located on the isle of Veliki Brijun, and has a total area of about 4,000 hectares.

Brijuni park offers children and their parents a railway trip around the safari park, where the animals move freely, and it is possible to watch their natural life.

Brijuni zoo safari park

An entrance ticket to national park Brijuni and safari park Brijuni costs 110 kn (~14 euro), excursion  500-700 kn (~66-93 euro)

On the isle of Brijuni more than 200 footsteps dating back to Cretaceous period (65-145 million years ago) have been located.

You can get to Brijuni park by boat from the city of Fazan (~24 euro), or by ferry from the city of Pula (~ 1,3 euro).

Safari park National park Brijuni on map Croatia:

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