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The central historical part of Zagreb is arbitrarily divided into Gornji Grad / Upper City and Donji Grad / Lower City.

Upper Town / Gornji Grad of center Zagreb

Upper Town / Gornji Grad historical center Zagreb
Gornji Grad is the Medieval part of the centre of Zagreb.

The heart of Zagreb’s Gornji Grad is Zagreb’s neogothic cathedral – Zagreb Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary – on Kaptol place.
From the Kaptol square along an narrow old street, you can go the famous central market Dolac, from where …

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Walking tour: Gornji Grad – Medieval part of Zagreb

Zagreb for two hours walking tour
What can you see in Zagreb if you have only a few hours?

How to visit nine recognizable sights and monuments of old Medieval Zagreb?

Autor of walking tour “Only two hours and Zagreb will become your friend!” hopes this information will be interesting and useful to you ;)
Two parts of Zagreb city which we are interested in: Kaptol and Gornji Grad…

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Lower Town / Donji Grad of center Zagreb

Lower City, Donji Grad historical center Zagreb
Lower Town or Donji Grad is newer than the Gornji Grad part of the city center of Zagreb.
Donji Grad is a more modern (19th century) part of the centre of the city of Zagreb, and more similar to the historical centers of the capitals of Europe.
Zagreb’s central square – Trg bana Jelasica is located in Upper Town part of Zagreb`s center.
Trg bana Jelasica is the epicenter of citylife in Zagreb.

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Walking tour: Donji Grad downtown of Zagreb

Zrinjevac park Zagreb Zrinski square
Donji Grad is a modern than Gornji Grad part of Zagreb city.
It is relatively young, but full of different amazing attractions, museums, monuments and parks, united into the Green Lenuci Horseshoe.

“Lenuci Horseshoe” or “Zagreb Green Horseshoe” is a system of eight squares in a middle of the Lower town of Zagreb city.
Word “green” in its name goes from its main feature – all following squares are parks.

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Zagreb 360° Eye observation deck

Zagreb 360 Eye observation deck
The best point for seeing Zagreb city is an observation deck Zagreb 360°.

Zagreb 360° Eye observation deck provides a unique views on all around Zagreb city, on the main Zagreb square – Trg Bana Jelacica, Cathedral, Zagreb Upper Town and Down Town and other most important cultural and historical architectures of Zagreb, its squares, streets, parks and multicolored city roofs…

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Zagreb funicular

Zagreb funicular Croatia


Zagreb funicular – the shortest funicular in the world!

Its length is just 66 meters.

This funicular connects Down Town (Tomiceva street) with Upper Town (Lotrscak tower). The funicular is the oldest public transportation in Zagreb.
Zagreb funicular was build XIX century and begin to work in 1893.

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Dolac central market in Zagreb

Dolac central farm market in Zagreb CroatiaDolac is a bright and colourful, very positive farmers’ market. Dolac is located exactly in the center of Zagreb city.

The freshest fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, olive oil and wine, wood and vine crafts, flowers and various local souvenirs – all that, farmers are offering to buy at the Dolac every day!

Buying at Dolac – one of the most beloved and traditional amusements of Zagreb’s locals and guests.

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Museums in Zagreb

Museums in Zagreb
Zagreb is famous for its variety of museums.

In Zagreb there are a great number of museums, many interesting and attractive museums: historical and technical, art and nature…
… Museum of Contemporary Art, Archaeological Museum, Museum of Arts & Crafts, Technical Museum …

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Zagreb Card

Zagreb card discount free sights in Zagreb

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Parks in Zagreb

Парки города Загреб Хорватия

Zagreb is famous for its parks.
Unlike the other world’s capitals, Zagreb is a very “green city”, and it is proud of its parks, opened for guests and the locals.

There are old historical parks in a centre of Zagreb, and spacious well-equipped modern parks in the newest districts of city.

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Tunnel Gric Zagreb

Tunnel Gric Zagreb
Tunnel Gric of Zagreb city was built in 1943 during the times of the Second World War, as a shelter for saving the local population of Zagreb from air bombardments.
For a long time, the tunnel was used only as a store; it was closed and abandoned.

Later, it was decided to open the tunnel for public, and its reconstruction began. In 2016, in the Gric Tunnel opened the Museum of Senses.

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ZOO in Zagreb

ZOO Zagreb Croatia


The ZOO of Zagreb city is larger and more modern, it is located in Maksimir park. The Maksimir park is the biggest park in Zagreb.

In Zagreb ZOO there are 275 species of animals.

An entrance ticket to the Zagreb Zoo costs an adult 30 kn, a child (7-14 years) 20 kn, and a child to 7 years – free.

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Botanical Garden Zagreb

Botanical Garden in Zagreb Croatia

Botanical Garden in Zagreb, founded in 1889, by the professor of Zagreb’s University Antun Heinz.

Of the 4.7 hectares of the Botanical Garden’s total area, the greatest part is occupied by the arboretum, developed in the style of the English landscape garden, in which we grow woody plants (trees and shrubs) from various parts of the world.

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Mirogoj historical cemetery in Zagreb

Mirogoj historical cemetery in Zagreb Croatia

Mirogoj – one of the oldest and the most beautiful cemeteries of Europe.

Сemetery-park Mirogoj is one of the oldest and the most beautiful cemeteries of Europe, most famous and most visited sightseeing of Zagreb.
Arcades and pavilions of cemetery are the real pieces of architectural art under the opened sky.

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Astronomical Observatory in Zagreb

Astronomical Observatory in Zagreb

Astronomical Observatory Zagreb at Popov Toranj (Priest’s Tower) in Zagreb’s Upper Town (Opatièka Street 22) was founded through the initiative of the Croatian Society of Natural Sciences, while the City Council provided premises at Popov Toranj for the Observatory’s needs and approved funding for building renovation and installation of the astronomical telescope and dome.
Opening hours Astronomical Observatory Monday – Friday 9:00 – 14:00 ; Tuesdays and Thursdays 20:00 – 22:00 ; Wednesdays and Fridays 20:00 – 22:00 Address Astronomical Observatory Opaticka street 22, Zagreb. Official web of Zagreb’s stronomical Observatory

Fasnik Carnival in Zagreb

Fasnik u Zagrebu Carnival Zagreb Croatia

The main part of Fasnik Zagreb carnival is carnival procession of masked and costumed participants which move from central Zagreb square – Trg Bana Jelasica.

Сolourful spectacle and varied entertainment programs Zagreb city offers its residents and guests – brass bands, majorettes, folklore ensembles, dance groups, choirs, masked groups from primary schools and kindergartens, drummers, circus groups, animators masks and puppets, jugglers, fire throwers and magicians…

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Medvednica park – 15 km from Zagreb

Sightseeing of Croatia Medvednica nature park
Medvednica – well-arranged park – is a mountain range, a favorite holiday destination for the citizens of Zagreb city.
In the summer Medvednica there are numerous pathways along the spruce-beech forest, cave Veternica (7128 m long), Zrinsky mine and Medvedgrad fortress – a defensive structure of the XIII century.
The fortress of Medvedgrad invites you to examine the walls and interior maintenance of the fortress, to look from the observation deck at an altitude of 500 meters at Zagreb and its surroundings.

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Aquaparks & waterparks – 40-130 km from Zagreb

Aquaparks Waterparks Zagreb Croatia
On distance 40-130 km from Zagreb city there are several indoors and outdoors aquaparks and waterparks.
Most of waterparks next to Zagreb use thermal mineral water.

… Aquae Vivae aqua park in Krapinske Toplice, Water Planet in Tuheljske Toplice, Terme Jezercica waterpark, Life Class Terme Sveti Martin aqua park …

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