Souvenirs from Croatia

Apart from numerous seashells, stones and magnets, painted mugs and jugs… which decorate our homes and remind us of the summer,

Croatia offers its guests many more pleasant, useful and healthy souvenirs as keepsakes.

Croatian souvenirs souvenirs from Croatia

Lavender suvenirs

Violet lavender flowers are well known to everyone. Dried lavender is sold in Croatia by weight in decorative pouches.

Lavender is widely known as a measure against moths. Lavender also has a soothing effect, it helps to deal with stress and headaches. Lavender oil is used in cosmetology and perfumery.

Croatian souvenirs souvenirs from Croatia

Rosemary oil and rosemary soap from Croatia

Dried rosemary is a well known dressing for meat dishes. It is widely used in Italian and Croatian cuisines.

Rosemary oil and rosemary soap are used in cosmetology.

Croatian souvenirs souvenirs from Croatia

Adriatic Sea sponges

Sea sponges are valued by the lovers of all things natural. Such a sponge is perfectly soft and will not hurt even a baby’s skin.

It is very suitable for washing babies with tender skin.

Croatian souvenirs souvenirs from Croatia

Brac stone products by Croatia

Brac stone is mined in the town of Pucisca on the isle of Brac. Polished white Brac stone is used to make different useful and nice things.

Brac stone is also used for decoration of buildings; for example, the palace of Diocletian in Split and the White House in Washington are decorated with it.

Croatian souvenirs souvenirs from Croatia

Croatian grapes wines

Croatian wines are made from grapes grown in Croatia. White, red and rose wines are made. The number of sunny days and the steepness of the slopes both affect the taste of grape wines.

Olive oil

Croatia has it own numerous olive tree plantations, and of course, it produces its own olive oil.

Croatian olive oil is of high quality, natural, and renowned all over the world.

Croatian suvenirs

Olive oil is extracted from is so called “uljara”, where farmers bring olives they harvest themselves. In uljaras you can buy concentrated 100% olive oil. Such oil is recommended to be diluted 50/50 with usual oil before using it in food.

The largest Croatian producer of olive oil is the SMS brand.

Hedge rose jam, fig jam…

The same SMS producer offers a lot of Croatian delicacies: hedge rose jam, fig jam with different additives — nuts, cocoa and oranges.

Croatian souvenirs souvenirs from Croatia