Croatia + Montenegro

From Croatia to Montenegro trip

Tourists traveling in Croatia are usually planning the visiting of both Adriatic countries – of Croatia and Montenegro.

Especially – both countries – Croatia and Montenegro – are located really not far away from each other, they are connected by highway, and the resorts of Croatia along the Adriatic coast are fluently turning into the resorts of Montenegro.

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About Montenegro

Montenegro – is the country on the coast of Adriatic Sea, located on the Balkan Peninsula. The population of Montenegro is 626 000 people. The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica city, founded on the place of five rivers’ confluence.

The length of Montenegro’s Adriatic Sea coastline is 300 km, out of which 73 km – is taken by Montenegrin beaches. Altogether, 117 beaches are stretched along the coast here.

Many beaches of Montenegro were awarded with the International Ecological award “Blue Flag” for the of the sea and aquaes; for example, beaches of Herceg Novi, Tivat, Budva, Becici, Bar resort and Ulcinj have this award.

Western part of the Montenegrin coast, the part that borders with Croatia – Kotor Bay of Montenegro. Here are located such resorts of Montenegro as: Herceg Novi, Tivat and Kotor.

Central part of Montenegrin coast – the Riviera of Budva with its numerous resorts: Budva, Becici, Rafailovici, Milocer, Przno, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac and Bar.

Southern part of Montenegrin coast, the one which borders with Albania – the Riviera of Ulcinj resort with its famous sandy beaches and Ada-Boyan islands.

Besides, Montenegro is not less famous for its mountain skiing resorts. Therefore, the mountain skiing resorts in Montenegro are relatively young and modernly equipped.

Resorts of Montenegro

The resorts of Montenegro are placed along the Adriatic Sea, from the western border with Croatia to the eastern border with Albania.

Budva Riviera resorts in Montenegro

Курорты Будва, Бечичи, Святый Стефан, Рафаиловичи, Пржно, Милочер, Петровац, Сутомор, Бар ЧерногорииTo the resorts of Montenegro’s Budva Riviera are belonging: Budva, Becici, Rafailovici, Milocer, Przno, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac, Sutomor and Bar.

Towns and resort villages of the Budva Riviera – are the popular international resorts with long history.

Distance in between the resorts of the Budva riviera and Tivat airport can be from 20 to 58 km; in between the resorts and Podgorica airport can be from 49 to 67 km; and in between the resorts and the Dubrovnik airport of Croatia can be from 71 to 110 km.

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Herceg Novi Riviera resorts in Montenegro

Курорты курорты Херцег-Hови, Котор, Рисан, Тиват Черногории

Among the resorts of Herceg Novi riviera of Montenegro are: Herceg Novi, Kotor and Risan, Tivat Montenegro..
The resorts of riviera Herceg Novi are comfortably placed in the Kotor Bay of the Adriatic Sea part of Montenegro.
The distance of from Kotor Bay resorts to the Tivat airport can be from 6 to 50 km; from resorts to the Dubrovnik airport of Croatia can be from 28 to 70 km. As well, you can get to the Herceg Novi resort by ferry.

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Ulcinj Riviera resorts in Montenegro

Ульчинь курорты Черногории Ulcinj resort Montenegro
To the resorts of Ulcinj Riviera in  Montenegro belong the resorts of Ulcinj and resorts of Ada-Bojana islands.

The distance between the Ulcinj resort to Podgorica airport is 74 km, to Tivat airport is 83 km and to Dubrovnik airport of Croatia is 137 km

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Mountain skiing resorts in Montenegro

Горнолыжные курорты Черногории

The most popular mountain skiing resorts of Montenegro are Kolasin and Zabljak, located only in 3 hours of car driving from the Dubrovnik city in Croatia.

Montenegro is, traditionally, being associated with the summertime beaches and rest on the sea, but, besides all that, Montenegro has few modernly equipped comfortable mountain skiing resorts. The most famous ones are called Kolasin and Zabljak.

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How to get to Montenegro

Of course, the easiest and the most comfortable way to get to Montenegro is plane.

In Montenegro there are 2 international airports: Podgorica airport in the capital city, and Tivat airport, where many aircrafts are arriving all year round. During the summer season, many airlines and low coast airlines are increasing the amount of regular flights, and, also, adding some charter flights to Montenegro.

Many people are, also, using the Dubrovnik airport in Croatia to get to Montenegro. Dubrovnik city is one of the most-most popular cities of Croatia, and many different airlines from all around the world are arriving there all the time.

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How to get to Montenegro from Croatia

From Croatia, it’s very easy to get to Montenegro by car

You can easily get to Montenegro from Croatia by car: these two Mediterranean countries are connected with highway, which passes through all the Adriatic coast, starting from Istria – the most northern part of Croatia, then goes through Kvarner and Zadar city of Croatia, passes by the resort cities of Croatia – by Sibenik and Split, Omis and Makarska, after that it goes through the little territory of Bosnia and Hercegovina, then through the Dubrovnik city in Croatia and its Riviera, then it crosses the Croatian border and turns out in Montenegro, and, after all, it leads the tourists to the nearest Montenegrin resort to Herceg Novi.

Distance from Dubrovnik city Croatia to the beaches of Montenegro

Distance from Dubrovnik city Croatia to Herceg Novi resort – 49 km
Distance from Dubrovnik city Croatia to Kotor resort – 80 km
Distance from Dubrovnik city Croatia to Tivat resort – 104 km
Distance from Dubrovnik city Croatia to Budva resort – 115 km
Distance from Dubrovnik city Croatia to Petrovac resort – 132 km
Distance from Dubrovnik city Croatia to Bar resort – 153 km
Distance from Dubrovnik city Croatia to Ulcinj resort – 179 km

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Croatia Montenegro map

Map of Montenegro

Хорватия Черногория карта

Google map of Montenegro

Prikaz vece karte

Weather in Montenegro all year round

Climate of the Adriatic coast in Montenegro – Mediterranean.

Summer on the Montenegrin coast in pretty dry and warm.

The beach season in Montenegro lasts from the end of May to till the end of October. Temperature of the air during summertime in Montenegro can variate from +28 to +33°C, while the Adriatic Sea water can warm up to +20-25°C.

Winter on the Montenegrin coastline is warm, but rainy, and the average temperatures during the wintertime is somewhere is between +3 and +7°C.

During the winter in the central and mountain parts of Montenegro prevails moderate continental climate – it is way cooler than on the coast. Summer in mountain parts of Montenegro is warm enough – from +19 to +25°C. Winter of the mountain parts is snowy, and lasts for entire five months: the temperature can rise up to +5°C and fall to the -10°C. Here are located the famous mountain skiing resorts of Montenegro – Kolasin and Zabljak.

Visa to Montenegro

Visa to Montenegro is not required for citizens of the:

  • countries of the Schengen Agreement – up to 90 days
  • Ukraine – up to 90 days (the only thing you need is your international passport)
  • Belorussia – up to 30 days (Tourist voucher or invitation from a private person is required)
  • Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan – up to 30 days in a period from May to October (the international passport is required)

For getting the visa to Montenegro you need to apply to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Montenegro.

From Croatia to Montenegro travel

Montenegro reverently stores its history: fortress walls of the ancient cities, ancient architecture of the cozy, picturesque streets, museums and exhibition halls, telling about the traditions and cultural achievements of the glorious state.

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