Budva Riviera Montenegro: Budva, Petrovac, Bar resorts

Resorts of Montenegro are located along the Adriatic sea coast, form western border with Croatia to eastern border with Albania.

Budva Riviera resorts of Montenegro

The overall length of Budva Riviera is 35 km, 13 out of which are made by various kinds of beaches. Towns and resort settlements of Budva Riviera – popular international resorts with long history.

To resorts of Budva Riviera belong such resorts as Budva, Becici, Sveti Stefan, Rafailovici, Przno, Milocer, Petrovac, Sutomore, Bar.

On the coast, there are many hotels of different levels and affordability – from 2* to 5*, from hotels of Budva to “youth” hostels, and also quite large choice of houses with private apartments in Budva, for resting during summer season.

Budva resort

Budva is the main tourist center in Montenegro, the ancient resort-city with magnificent beaches and azure waters of Adriatic Sea, one of the sunniest places in Montenegro.

Budva Resort is known for its touristic infrastructure: disco and night clubs, large diversity of restaurants and café-bars, casinos, tennis courts and sport playgrounds. Budva is an active and colorful coastal resort-city, which entertains its guests all day long.

Будва курорт Черногория Budva resort Montenegro

Also, Budva is famous for its attractions and nice narrow streets of the Old Town – first mentioning of Budva, by the way, refers to 5th century B.C.

However, the world-wide fame was brought to Budva by its famous beaches.

Beaches of Budva

Pebbled and sandy beaches – Morgen, which has a Blue Flag award for the cleanness of its sea and water area; Slavenska plaza; Kralicina plaza and Jaz plaza in 4 km from Budva, and also some city beaches of Budva, close to the Old city bastions, are attracting tourists from all around the world.

The coastline from Budva to Petrovec is full of touristic objects and beaches, and almost every cosy bay or island are inviting to take a rest or snack in one of the little restaurants of local cuisine. In Budva there’s the best paragliding platform of whole entire Montenegro, and few diving clubs.

Morgen beach is the sandy beach, which consists of two parts; to come there, you can walk through the hotel Avala – it isn’t far away, just in 150 m from Budva.

Pebble beach Slovenska plaza is located in 1.5 km from the city port of Budva and Park hotel. Overall length of this pebble beach makes about 1600 m..

Guvance beach – the little sandy beach.

Jaz beach – the pebbped one – is located in between the Tivat and Budva. One part of the Jaz beach belongs to nudists.

Becici resort of Montenegro

The Becici resort is located in 3 km from Budva. This resort was awarded with the Grand Prix for the most luxurious beaches of Europe.

Becici beach – the 2-km-long sandy beach – is the cleanest sand and the cleanest water; all that made him one of the best beaches in whole Europe. Becici beach is covered with golden and soft, so attractive sand.

Будва курорт Черногория Budva resort Montenegro

Next to the Becici beach are located many touristic objects, hotels, sport playgrounds and beautiful parks.

Rafailovici resort of Montenegro

Rafailovici resort – in the past, the fishing village – today is a little cosy resort settlement, in 900 m from Bucici. In Rafailovic there are many disco and night clubs: this place is very popular resting spot among youth and families with teenage kids 10-15 years old.

Milocer resort of Montenegro

In 6 km from Budva and 500 m from Saint Stefan, there’s a green resort town called Milocer.

Beautiful beach called Kralicina plaza in Milocer, with its cypresses and olive trees, gained its name beacuse of the ex-royal family, who used to live there in their ex-royal residence. Among those were Karađorđević dynasty and the family of King Nikola, and even today – it is the most beloved resting place of Montenegrin government.

Будва курорт Черногория Budva resort Montenegro

Sandy Milocer beach is located a bit lower than Kralicina plaza.

Milocer beach is separated from the road by wall with two gates – in Przno, and in St. Stefan. Around the beach, there’s a huge and beautiful Milocer forest, where are  growing  Lebanese cedar, tropical mimosa, medlar german, and also cactuses.

Przno rocky beach is placed in between the town of Przno and Cape Milocer, and it’s all surrounded with olive trees.

In Milocer is located the Durmitor mountain range with 27 more than 2-km-high mountain peaks, 18 mountain lakes and 784 springs.

Distance from Milocer resort to Tivat airport is 28 km.

Sveti Stefan resort of Montenegro

Sveti Stefan resort is an island resort, connected with the mainland by narrow isthmus; it is a city-hotel, built on the rock. Sveti Stefan is located in 9 km from Budva. That is one of the most prestigious places of rest in Montenegro, it’s «visiting card».

For the whole entire world, Sveti Stefan resort is known as the resring place of such celebrities as Sophia Loren, Willy Brandt, Robert Fisher, Monica Vitti, Sylvester Stallone, Claudia Schiffer, Bobby Fisher, Leonid Brezhnev and many others. Besides, this place is beloved by queen of Netherlands Christina, British queen Elizabeth II and ex-king of Spain Umberto II.

Будва курорт Черногория Budva resort Montenegro

Sveti Stefan beach is 1170 m long, and has interesting reddish tones of sand. The beach surrounds island from two sides, and divided only by an isthmus. Sveti Stefan beach is well equipped; along the beach are placed cafes and restaurants, there is a diving club and hotel.

Petrovac resort of Montenegro

Petrovac resort is located in 17 km from Budva, at the small picturesque bay, surrounded by the olive groves and pine forests. In Petrovec, there’s the Hradiště monastery (with the unique frescoes of late Middle Ages), and the beautiful Venetian Fortress Castello from XVI century.

Not far from Petrovec are located two islands – Katic island and island of Saint Nedelja – one of the most beloved places among divers in Montenegro .

Будва курорт Черногория Budva resort Montenegro

Swimming season in Petrovec lasts from the beginning of April till the end of November.

The best beaches of Montenegro – the beaches of Petrovec – are called Luchice, Saint Nedelja and Buljarica: all of them are covered with pebbles. Petrovec beach itself is covered with reddish sand.

Bar resort of Montenegro

Bar resort – one of the most-most popular Montenegrin resorts. The first mentioning of this town comes from 9th century. Bar is an unusual sunny resort in surrounding of olive groves and fruit gardens. Old Bar is a fortress, standing in 110 km above the sea for.

Whimsically curved coastline forms the beaches of Bar. The overall length of Bar beaches is 9 km; that number is formed by 20 pebbled and sandy beaches.

Будва курорт Черногория Budva resort Montenegro

To the north from Bar, there is a Queen’s sandy beach, the favourite vacation spot of queen Milena. You can get to the Queen’s beach only by sea; it’s surrounded with the sheer cliffs. Pearl beach is, also, one of the most beautiful places of Montenegrin coast. Small rocky beach Malevik with the cleanest water is located next to the Sutomor.

Closely to Bar are located the golden soft sandy beaches of Sutomor, in surrounding of cypress and pine groves, cosy cafes and restaurants of different level. Sutomor is a quite old resort with interesting history; in 17th century, the Venetian nobility liked Sutomor as a place for resting. Sutomor is a little cosy resort, and it is a perfect place for family vacation.

Between the Bar and Sutomore, there’s located the sandy Red beach – its name comes from the colour of its sand. Natural combination of reddish colours with green pines around the beach, looks quite interesting and even impressing.

Pebbled Zhukotrlitsa beach is the next after Red beach; its length is 1 km, and it is surrounded with pine forest. At the very centre of town there’s another beach, called Topolica beach – this name comes from the name of Topolice hotel right next to beach. Topolica beach is composed of little pebbles, and comfortably placed near the numerous entertainments for resting tourists.

Beaches Big and Small Sands are located in 10 km eastwards from the Bar town. The beaches are – as their name says – are composed of sand; they are located on the territory of natural reserve with hundred-years-old oaks and olive groves. Further, the eastern coast from Bar resort to Ulcinj resort, there’s one more beautiful pebbled beach with crystal-clean fresh-sea water – it is called Utena.

Будва курорт Черногория Budva resort Montenegro

Not far away from the Bar are, also, located some sandy Murici beaches of Skadar Lake in Montenegro.

Skadar Lake is a natural reserve in Montenegro, and perfect place for picnics.

Get to Budva Riviera resorts

The easiest way to get to resorts of Budva, Petrovec and Bar, is by plane from the Tivat airport. In airports of Montenegro – Podgorica and Tivat – many planes are plying for whole year long, and towards the summertime season low-cost airplanes and charter flights join them.

The distance between resorts of Budva Riviera and Tivat airport makes 21 km (to Budva resort) and 58 km (to Bar resort); distance between resorts and Podgorica airport makes 49 km (to Bar resort) and 67 km (to Budva resort).

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Montenegro isn’t a very big country, but has good roads, so it’s easier to observe attractions, search for the new beautiful swimming places, and, generally, to move all around the state by car. That’s why the rent of car in Montenegro can be rightfully called “necessary aspect” of active rest in Montenegro!

The largest choice of cars for rent in Montenegro may be found in airports. If renting the car, you’ll have an opportunity to comfortably – without paying for the transfer – get to the place of your vacation and observe the attractions you are interested in without any limits in schedule!

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If you are planning to rent a car, don’t forget to check if there’s a free parking next to your hotel or apartment!

Hotels & Apartments of Budva, Petrovac and Bar resorts

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