Herceg Novi Riviera of Montenegro: resorts Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat

Resorts of Montenegro are located along the Adriatic Sea cost, from the western border with Croatia to the eastern border with Albania.

To the resorts of Herceg’s Riviera in Montenegro belong such resorts as Herceg-Novi, Kotor, Risan and Tivat.

Resorts of Herceg Novi Riviera in Montenegro

Resorts of Herceg’s Riviera of Montenegro are snugly located in the Bay of Kotor, in the Montenegrin part of Adriatic Sea.

Херцег-Нови курорт Черногория Herceg Novi resort Montenegro

The closest airport to the resorts of the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro – is the airport Tivat.

Distance between resorts of the Bay of Kotor and Tivat airport – from 6 km to Kotor city and up to 50 km to Herceg Novi resort. By the way, you can get to Herceg Novi by ferry.

Herceg Novi resort in Montenegro

The overall length of beaches of Herceg Novi Riviera is 3 km. Beaches of Herceg Novi are unique with their little coves, unevenness of coastal lines in surrounding of the olive trees, orange and tangerine groves.

Herceg Novi is one of the most famous resorts in Montenegro. It’s a picturesque resort of blooming flowers at the foot of the Orien Mountain, at the very mouth of the Boka-Kotor Bay.

Beaches of Herceg Novi are very well-equipped and diverse; here – with an overall length of beaches of 25 km – are located sandy and pebble beaches, and, also, artificial beaches on the cement plates.

Besides everything, Herceg Novi is famous for its Medieval architecture, for the narrow romantic streets, for the numerous cozy cafes and restaurants.

In 6 km from Herceg Novi, there’s a beach called Zanjic. That Zanjic beach of Montenegro consists of little pebbles, and it is beautifully surrounded with olive groves. This beach is a perfect place to spend the weekends with kids. You can get from Herceg-Novi to Zanjic beach by boats, which are coming every 10 minutes

Close to Zanjic beach, there are such attractions as the Blue Cave, the Mamula Island with its original Medieval fortress; here are located the Miriste Valley and tiled multi-level beach Mirista – a place, which belongs to the most beautiful and attractive places of the Herceg Novi Riviera.

Херцег-Нови курорт Черногория Herceg Novi resort Montenegro

The wonderful small-pebble Rose Beach and the resort settlement Rose next to it –  located on the very edge of peninsula – are impressing with their unique Mediterranean landscapes. Rose Beach is famous for the diversity of its sea bottom: therefore, it’s quite popular among divers and underwater fishing lovers.

In 7 km from Herceg-Novi, you can find a resort named Igalo – and it is the hugest health resort of whole Montenegro. There’re located famous Mediterranean Centre of Physiotherapy, rehabilitation of health, preventive medicine, wave therapy and resort spa treatment. The Igalo Centre of Physiotherapy is recommended to those, who need to cure rheumatism, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiological diseases, diseases of lungs, rehabilitation after fractures or orthopaedic operations, cerebral haemorrhage, neurological diseases, multiple sclerosis, damage to the central and peripheral nervous systems, gynaecological diseases, eczema, psoriasis, obesity, stress conditions.

Херцег-Нови курорт Черногория Herceg Novi resort Montenegro

Tiled sandy Igalo Beach is stretched from the Sutorina River to the Galeb restaurant.

In 4 km from Igalo Beach and in 7 km from Herceg Novi, there’s a resort city Nivice, which well-known all around the world for its free pebble-sandy beach.

Tivat resort in Montenegro

Tivat is one of the most beautiful modern resorts, one of the most visited cities of entire Montenegro. Tivat impresses not only by its natural wonders, but also by architectural styles of its historical centre: by the Medieval churches of St. Sergius, St. Peter, St. Anton and few other ancient churches.

Tivat attracts with the numerous entertainments for holidaymakers: among those entertainments are water walks along the Bay of Kotor, cafes, restaurants, shops, markets and supermarkets.

Tivat itself is surrounded with one of the most beautiful Adriatic parks, with exotic plants from all around the world.

Херцег-Нови курорт Черногория Herceg Novi resort Montenegro

Besides everything, Tivat is a very large port of Adriatic Sea.

In 5 km from Tivat, there’s a well-known Tivat airport, from which you can comfortably reach the resorts of Kotor Riviera and Budva Riviera.

Beaches of Tivat are, mainly, lined with concrete platforms, but there are also sandy beaches.

In 1,5 km from Tivat there’s a great sandy beach Donja Lastva.

In 3 km from Tivat you can find a nicely equipped Opatovo Beach; on this beach you can easily find cafes, restaurants and parking.

Kotor resort in Montenegro

Kotor is a popular modern Montenegrin resort, located at the foot of Lovcen Mountain.

Kotor is famous for its unique Medieval architecture and numerous historical monuments: the fortress of Saint John from the 13th century, the clock tower with pillory from the 8th century, Church of St. Luke from the 12th century, the Prince’s Palace from the 7th century, city walls from the 3rd century, Cathedral of St. Trifon.

The old centre of Kotor is included into the List of cultural heritage of UNESCO since 1979. The very first mentioning of Kotor refers to the 3rd century B.C.

Херцег-Нови курорт Черногория Herceg Novi resort Montenegro

Kotor is offering to its holidaymakers its various entertainments, cafes and restaurants with real Mediterranean cuisine. Here’s located the popular among youth night club of Kotor.

However, the beaches of Kotor itself aren’t so famous as the beaches of its closest surroundings.

To the beaches of Kotor in Montenegro belong: Morinj Beach – the sandy-pebbled, 1-km-long beach with old mills and unusual restaurants, organized in them; Pisan Beach – the pebbled one; Bajova kula Beach – the pebbled beach – the favourite beach among locals, surrounded with laurel trees; Orahovac Beach – the pebbled beach with very clean sea water; Cape Marco Beach – the pebbled beach – a very famous destination for sanatorium tourism and rehabilitation; Zukova Beach – the pebbled beach, surrounded with evergreen bushes; the beaches of the Trsteno Valley – natural sandy beaches with sandy sea bottom and very clean water; Bigovo Beach – it’s famous for its healing sand, but it’s partially pebbled.

How to get to the Herceg Novi resorts of Montenegro

The most comfortable and short way to get to the resorts of Herceg Novi, Tivat and Kotor is from the airport of Tivat city.

To the airports of Montenegro – to Podgorica and Tivat – always arrive many planes, and towards the summer season low-cost airplanes and charter flights are joining them.

Distance between the Herceg Novi Riviera resorts of Kotor Bay and Tivat airport can variate from 6 to 50 km, depending on where you need to get. Distance between those resorts and the airport of Dubrovnik city in Croatia can be from 28 to 70 km.

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Hotels & apartments of Herceg Novi riviera: resorts Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat

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