Ulcinj resort in Montenegro: Ada-Bojana island

Resorts of Montenegro are placed along the coast of Adriatic sea, from the western boarder with Croatia to the eastern boarder with Albania.

Resorts of Ulcinj Riviera in Montenegro

To resorts of the Ulcinj Riviera in Montenegro belong such resorts as Ulcinj itself and the resorts of Ada-Bojana island.

The distance from the Ulcinj Resort to the Podgorica airport is 74 km, and to the Tivat airport is 83 km.

Ulcinj resort Montenegro

Length of the coastline of Ulcinj Riviera is 32 km long.

Ulcinj Riviera is the most southern part of the Montenegrin part of Adriatic Sea.

Ulcinj is a little resort town in Montenegro, romantically build in eastern style. Ulcinj is famous for its historical attractions from the times of the Ottoman Empire and Venetian Republic.

It is a calm and comfortable family resort in Montenegro, full of beautiful sandy beaches.

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One of the most famous and requested sandy beaches of Ulcinj is called Velika plaza.

Length of the Velika plaza beach is 12 km.

The Velika plaza’s sand is uniquely fine, rich in minerals and has some healing abilities; this sand is helpful for the people with rheumatism, arthritis and mucous diseases.

Next to the Velika plaza there are hotels and apartments, sport playgrounds and tennis courts.

Besides, Ulcinj is a good place for windsurfing and diving lovers.

Ruggedness of the Ulcinj coastline makes its nature wonderful and its beaches diverse. Especially attractive for tourists are beaches of the peninsulas Maryan and Mandra; the unique pebbled beach Valdanos is surrounded with olive valley; Small and Great sandy beaches of Ulcinj are located in the surrounding of picturesque cliffs, which are the perfect spots for fishing.

Ulcinj is quite rich in numerous little private beaches and hotel’s beaches.

Ada-Bojana resort island of Montenegro

Ada-Bojana island – the most southern ending of the Montenegrin coast.

Sandy beach Velika Plaza of Ada-Bojana island is located in the southeast of the Ulcinj, and it stretches 12 km.

Ada-Bojana island is a natural reserve, unique with its ancient untouched by human nature; here sea, sky and land are fusing into one beautiful harmony.

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The island is triangle-shaped, and two sides of this triangle washed by the fresh water of Bojana river, and the last one – by the salty waters of Adriatic Sea.

The sea beach of Ada-Bojana island is covered with wonderful soft sand.

Ada-Bojana beach is a perfect place for lovers of various water activities and sports – such as surfing, sailing sport, water skiing and fishing.

On the Ada-Bojana island, among the nature, there’s a unique nudist village, where are living more than 100 locals.

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How to get to the resorts of Ulcinj in Montenegro

The shortest way to get to the resorts of Sumator, Bar and Ulcinj is from the airport of Podgorica city. Many planes are going to Montenegrin airports of Podgorica and Tivat all the year round, and during the summer season low-costers and charter flights are added.

You can get to Ulcinj resort from airports of Tivat and Podgorica by buses.

The distance between airport of Podgorica to Ulcinj is 70 km, and from Tivat airport to Ulcinj – 83 km. The distance from Dubrovnik city of Croatia to Ulcinj resort is only 137 km

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Hotels & Apartments of Ulcinj resorts and Ada-Bojana island in Montenegro

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