Dubrovnik city

Dubrovnik is the most luxurious and sophisticated city of Croatia. Dubrovnik is also called “the pearl of the Adriatic”.

Dubrovnik is included by UNESCO in the list of the most beautiful monument cities of Renaissance Europe, next to Venice and Amsterdam. The population of Dubrovnik is 43,700 people.

Sightseeing Dubrovnik Croatia

History of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik was founded in the 7th century.

The name Dubrovnik was mentioned for the first time in a 1189 chronicle. Before then, the city located on the isle of Lausa was called Ragusa.

In 1148, the first trade agreement was made here. By the end of the 16th century the fleet of Dubrovnik had 200 sailing vessels. In 1880 local steam navigation saw its beginning.

Sightseeing Dubrovnik Croatia

On April 6, 1667 a strong earthquake happened in Dubrovnik, during which about 5000 citizens died.

Only the city walls, Sponza palazzo and a part of the Prince’s palace remained standing. All the other buildings were built again.

Sightseeing Dubrovnik Croatia

In 1991, during the war between the Serbs and the Croatians, the city was besieged and subjected to barbarous bombings, during which unique monuments of the city’s architecture sustained damage.

But now Dubrovnik has been completely restored.

Sightseeing Dubrovnik Croatia

Sightseeing in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a hand-made wonder which deserves admiration, and one cannot but agree with the following words of Bernard Shaw: “If you want to see Heaven on Earth, come to Dubrovnik”.

Nowhere else can such magnificence, tranquility, beauty and harmony be found.

Sightseeing Dubrovnik Croatia

Today, when you visit Dubrovnik, you invariably freeze in fascination in front of the ancient fortress walls built in the Middle Ages.

20 metres high, up to 6 meters thick and about 2 kilometres long, they were a reliable defence from the enemy for the people of the city. The fortress walls of Dubrovnik were being built for six centuries. They have remained standing until our time. And if you risk climbing them, you will have amazing views of the city and the nearby islands.

Sightseeing Dubrovnik Croatia

Old Dubrovnik keeps a great many sights. Architectural masterpieces can be met at almost every step.

Once founded on the small rocky isle of Laus, the city grew larger and more beautiful very fast.

Sightseeing Dubrovnik Croatia

In the 12th century, having become independent, Dubrovnik ceased to be an island. The narrow strip of sea water separating the settlement from the mainland was filled.

Stradun street was made there, and nowadays it is the main street of Dubrovnik.

map of the historic center of Dubrovnik

In 1667 most of the buildings of the city were destroyed by a very destructive earthquake. Basically, only the city walls remained standing. This is why you can’t find Gothic buildings, so common in other old European cities, in Dubrovnik.

None of them remain here.

Sightseeing Dubrovnik Croatia

But the cheerful, sophisticated Baroque style predominant in the architecture of the Old City delights the eye and gladdens the heart.

St Vlah church, the Prince’s Palace, the Franciscan and the Dominican monasteries, the world-famous fountains of the Italian architect Onofrio de la Cava, the oldest synagogue in Europe, the Seafaring museum, the Ethnography museum and the Art gallery are very beautiful buildings which give Dubrovnik an unmatched view.

Sightseeing Dubrovnik Croatia

The Old City of Dubrovnik is included in the UNESCO book of the world treasures.

Any excursion in Dubrovnik includes a visit to the Seafaring museum, whose exhibits reflect the city’s experience of being an important seaport, and the Ethnography museum and the Art gallery.

Those who like art and science are recommended to visit the Marin Drzic theatre, the Conservatory, where the symphonic orchestra of Dubrovnik performs, and the University centre.

Sightseeing Dubrovnik Croatia

Apart from these sights, the territory of the riviera of Dubrovnik has about 80 castles built in the Renaissance style.

The most expensive villa in Croatia

The most expensive villa in Croatia – Villa Scheherazade – is located in Dubrovnik.

The cost of renting the villa per day – 7000 euro!

Villa Scheherazade Croatia villas in CroatiaVilla Scheherazade Croatia villas in CroatiaVilla Scheherazade Croatia villas in CroatiaVilla Scheherazade Croatia villas in Croatia

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Popular celebrity cult cafe Dubrovnik – Gradska kavana.

cafe Dubrovnik - Gradska kavana

Address cafe Gradska kavana Dubrovnik: Gorica Sv. Vlaha 77, 20000 Dubrovnik
Web site of Gradska kavana www.mea-culpa.hr

cafe Dubrovnik - Gradska kavana

What to see around Dubrovnik?

in 77 km – National natural park Mljet
in 187 km – Hvar island with city Hvar
in 152 km – National natural park Biokovo & resort city Makarska
in 181 km – Imotski highland lakes
in 188 km – city Omis & rafting on the Cetina river & the Pirate fortress
in 208 km – caves Vranjace
in 220 km – the ruins of the Ancient Roman city Salona & old Turkish fortress Klis
in 227 km – famouse city Split with Diocletian’s Palace (UNESCO)
in 254 km – city Trogir (UNESCO)
in 276 km – National natural park KRKA & city Sibenik with Cathedral of St. James (UNESCO)
in 464 km – National natural park Plitvice lakes
in 599 km – the capital of Croatia – Zagreb

Beaches in Dubrovnik & riviera Dubrovnik

Beach Dubrovnik Croatia

The beaches of Dubrovnik region are great in number and are very varied — sloping, pebbled, rocky and sandy beaches of Dubrovnik, crowded and secluded, for children and nudists beaches Dubrovnik – are the same in the way that they are all clear, as is the sea around them.

  • Beaches in Dubrovnik city
  • Beaches of peninsula Lapad – Dubrovnik Riviera
  • Beaches of isle Lopud – Dubrovnik Riviera
  • Beaches of Piljesac peninsula – Dubrovnik Riviera
  • Beaches of isle Korcula — Dubrovnik Riviera

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Hotels, hostels & private apartments in Dubrovnik

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Villa Hedera V 4* Dubrovnik

Villa for 6 guests
Villa Hedera V DubrovnikEXCEPTIONAL rating 9.7 / 10
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Distance to center of Dubrovnik: in center
Distance to the nearest beach: 6 min.walk
Distance to airport of Dubrovnik: 16 km
Square of the villa: 127 m2
Add: for villa guests there is private pool, air conditioning, garden and patio, Wi-Fi, 3 bedrooms, SAT TV, equipped kitchen with dishwasher, washing machine, hot tub, barbecue facilities and terrace. The windows of villa have view on the city. An airport transfer can be organised for an additional payment.

Cost villa for 6+2 guests with pool per night: from 352 euro

➝ photo and description Villa “Hedera V” Dubrovnik

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Get to Dubrovnik

Get to Dubrovnik by plane

Airport of Dubrovnik – Cilipi is in 20 km from the city centre.
It is the destination of planes travelling from other Croatian cities, and from many foreign countries.
Contact phone Dubrovnik airport +385 (0)20 773 377 ; 773 333
Web site of Dubrovnik airport www.airport-dubrovnik.hr

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Rent a car in Dubrovnik

➝ Rent a car in Dubrovnik airport

Get to Dubrovnik by trains

There is no train station in Dubrovnik.
The nearest train station is located in Split city.

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Get to Dubrovnik by sea

From Split city to Dubrovnik city by fast catamarans

Speed catamaran line connect Split city and Dubrovnik city.
The line is seasonal from June 1 to October 1.

The catamaran Dubrovnik-Split is daily and do stops on Brac island, Hvar island and Korcula island.

The departure time from Dubrovnik city at 7:00, the arrival time to Split city at 12:55.
The departure time from Split city at 16:15, the arrival time to Dubrovnik city 22:10

The travel time of catamaran Split-Dubrovnik-Split – 5 hours 55 minutes. The catamaran can carry 320 passengers

Timetable of speed catamaran Split – Dubrovnik – Split

Ticket of speed catamaran Dubrovnik-Split costs 210 kn (~ 28 euro)

Get from Dubrovnik to islands Mljet, Lopud and Kolocep of Dubrovnik riviera

Ferries and catamaran ships travel from the ferry port of Dubrovnik to many islands of Croatia – island Sipan, island Mljet, island Lopud and island Kolocep

Timetable ferries from Dubrovnik center to Sipan isle with stops to Lopud & Kolocep

Timetable ferries from Dubrovnik center to Sudurad of isle Sipan

Timetable ferries from peninsula Piljesac to island Mljet

Getting to Dubrovnik Arriving to Dubrovnik
You can see exact timetable of the catamaran, stops and online buy the tickets on www.jadrolinija.hr

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Get to Dubrovnik by bus

Bus traffic connects Dubrovnik with all cities of Croatia – Zagreb, Split, Makarska, Sibenik, Zadar, Rijeka, Pula, Plitvice lakes, Karlovac, Osijek, Varazdin, and a lot of European citiies – Sarajevo, Mostar and Medjugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kotor, Budva, Ulcinj, Herceg Novi and Podgorica (Montenegro), Trieste (Italy), Skopje (Macedonia).
Web site the of Dubrovnik bus station libertasdubrovnik.hr

Get to Dubrovnik by car

Motorways connect Dubrovnik with all cities and regions of Croatia and European countries.

Split can be reached by the free motorway Jadranska (D8), which goes along all of Croatia’s coastline, or the paid highway (A1).

Distance from Dubrovnik to cities of Croatia

to city Cavtat – 21 km
Makarska resort – 152 km
city Omis – 188 km
Split city – 227 km
to city Sibenik – 276 km
city Zadar – 346 km
Zagreb capital – 599 km
city Rijeka – 554 km
Pula city – 660 km

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Get to Italy from Dubrovnik

From Dubrovnik ferry port ferries ships travel to port Bari of Italy daily.

Timetable ferries from Dubrovnik to city Bari of Italy

Offisal web Croatian ferry line Jadrolinija www.jadrolinija.hr

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Map of Dubrovnik

Weather in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Riviera are in the subtropical climate.

Average monthly temperatures in Dubrovnik

January +8 С;
February +9 С;
March +11 С;
April +19 С;
May +25 С;
June +29 С;
July +30 С;
August +30 С;
September +26 С;
October +22 С;
November +14 С;
December +12 С

Average monthly water temperatures in Dubrovnik

January +12 С
February +14 С
March +14 С
April +17 С
May +20 С
June +23 С
July +24 С
August +25 С
September +23 С
October +20 С
November +18 С
December +13 С