Medieval Dvigrad ruins – 21 km from Rovinj

Medieval Dvigrad ruins – one of the most mysterious places in Croatia. Dvigrad – one of the most arcane attractions of the peninsula of Istria, located in 15 km from the Rovinj city.

Just like all the deserted dead cities, Dvigrad is shrouded in numerous legends, fairytales and mysteries.

Dvigrad town photo 2

The history of the town begins in 11th century, when two fortresses – the Parentino and the Monkastelo have formed one city, known as Duo Kastra – or just Dvigrad: the formation of the word originates from “dvi” – two, and “grad” – town or fortress. Gradually, the Parentino falls into decay, while the town grows wider around Monkastelo.

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Back then, there were more than 200 houses and more than 2000 inhabitants living a loud city life in Dvigrad. The city was prospering, being located in a deep valley Draga on the way of an important road via Flavia, which was connecting the ancient city of Pula with the central Istria.

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Consequently, the town goes through a series of tragic events. Firstly, the population of the town decreased due to war between Venice and Austria – one of the greatest empires of these times. Secondly, the town experiences great losses during the horrible plague epidemic, followed by the malaria epidemic almost immediately. The last three families had left Dvigrad in 1603. Ever since then, nobody has ever tried to settle in the walls of that cursed city. Dvigrad got solidly labelled as a town with a bad fame, as a “deadly place”.

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Today Dvigrad exists as long-time desolate ruins. There are still, however, distinguished double fortress walls, remains of the streets, the facades of the houses, and even a building of some time ago rich church of Saint Sophia, of the 13th century.

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Dvigrad – a perfect place for the theme photographing and video filmings. The ruins of Dvigrad are the true historical settings – a history itself living on!

The amazingly preserved fortress walls are still guarding the secrets of people that left Dvigrad centuries ago.

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An entrance to the town-fortress Dvigrad is a completely free attraction.

Not far from the entrance to the town, there is a free parking and a little cafe.

Dvigrad on map of Croatia

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