Get to Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and a major European city. You can get to Zagreb fast and easy by air, railway, bus, car.

Zagreb has perfect connection with all cities in Croatia and over 25 countries in Europe, especially Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany. Motorways connect Zagreb with all cities and regions of Croatia and many European countries. Bus traffic connects Zagreb with all cities of Croatia and many European countries, including Slovenia, Germany, Hungary and Italy.

Zagreb integrated into the European Railway Network.

Get to Zagreb by plane

Airport Franjo Tuđman of Zagreb city

Modern Zagreb International Airport is located just 16 km from the center of Zagreb city.

Get to Zagreb by plane Zagreb International Airport Franjo Tuđman photo

Zagreb airport has a restaurant, a bar, two cafes, a bank, an exchange point, ATMs, offices of car rental companies, a post office, souvenir shops, tourist info desks.

Airport in Zagreb connects Zagreb with all cities of Croatia and more than 25 European countries and cities, such as Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Koppengagen, Cologne, Berlin, Zurich, Istanbul, Lisbon, Shtuttgard, Moscow, London, Barcelona, Rome, Sarajevo, Gatwick, Skopje, Pristina, Bern, Marriage of Germany, Doha of Qatar, Madrid.

Search flights to Zagreb airport:

More than 700 airlines – regular and budget flights, seasonal offers, cheap and discount flights

The planes fly to the capital of Croatia – city of Zagreb throughout the year, many airlines offer discounts and seasonal sales.

Search the Transfer from Zagreb Airport to the center of Zagreb city:

From Zagreb airport you can take a bus of Croatiaairlines to central Bus station in Zagreb, just 30 kunas + baggage.

There is also a shuttle service to Split city and the Rijeka city on the Croatian coast. The schedule of the transfer buses from Zagreb airport you can see on official web of shuttle service

Croatia’s Zagreb airport has 3 car parks: P1 (293 parking spaces), P2 (150 parking spaces), P3 (293 parking spaces). Parking is paid.

The Zagreb airport address ul. Rudolfa Fizira 1, 10150, Zagreb

Airport Franjo Tudman of Zagreb on map Croatia:

Offical web of international airport of city Zagreb

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Get to Zagreb by train

Zagreb Railway Station is located in the city center.

Address of the Railway Station of Zagreb Trg kralja Tomislava, 12

Get to Zagreb by train Main Railway station in Zagreb photo

Zagreb is integrated into the system of European railways, into such European railways as Eurocity (EC), Intercity (IC) and Euronight (EN). From Zagreb have the direct trains to the countries of Europe: Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Serbia. Railway connections connect Zagreb city with the other cities – Milan, Venice, Trieste, Munich and Leipzig, Vienna and Salzburg. All of these cities are part of the Europe-wide railway system.

Trains Eurocity (EC) to Zagreb:

– ЕС “Mimara”: Zagreb – Villach – Frankfurt – Zagreb; – ЕC “Croatia”: Zagreb – Vienna – Zagreb (via Slovenia);

Trains Euronight (EN):

– EN “Venice”: Venice – Zagreb – Budapest (Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest) – Venice;

Trains Intercity (IC):

– IC “Zagreb”: Zagreb – Vienna (via Hungary) – Zagreb; – IC “Sava”: Belgrade – Zagreb – Villach – Munich – Belgrade; – IC “Kvarner”: Zagreb – Budapest – Zagreb; – IC “Drava”: Budapest – Osijek – Sarajevo – Budapest.

Fast trains Croatia:

– “Lisinskj”: Zagreb – Munich – Zagreb (night train); – “Maestral”: Zagreb – Budapest – Zagreb (Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg); – Zagreb – Villach – Zagreb; – Belgrade – Zagreb – Zurich – Belgrade; – “Nikola Tesla” in Zagreb – Belgrade – Zagreb; – Vinkovci – Banja Luka – Vinkovci; – Zagreb – Sarajevo – Ploce – Zagreb; – Zagreb – Sarajevo – Zagreb (night train); – Ploce – Sarajevo – Ploce; – Villach – Zagreb – Belgrade-Villach (night train); – “Opatija” Rijeka – Ljubljana – Rijeka (Munich, Vienna); – “Ljubljana” Rijeka – Ljubljana (Vienna) – Rijeka.

Seasonal trains Croatia:

– Ljubljana – Pula – Ljubljana – Budapest – Zagreb – Split – Budapest (night train) – Belgrade – Rijeka – Belgrade (June – September, weekend, overnight train) – Belgrade – Knin – Split – Belgrade (June – September, weekend, overnight train) – Prague – Split – Prague

Main Zagreb Railway Station on map of Zagreb city:

Zagreb Main Railway Station train timetable, online information about arriving and departing trains you can found on the Official web of the Railways of Croatia

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Get to Zagreb by bus

Passenger bus service between all cities and regions of Croatia is excellent developed. In Zagreb you can get by bus from any Croatian towns. Zagreb Bus Station also takes international buses from Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and other European countries.

For example, most comfortable buses from Europe to Zagreb:

  • time travel by bus from Budapest to Hungary in Zagreb – 5 hours, including the border crossing
  • from Ljubljana to Slovenia in Zagreb – 2 hours
  • from Graz Austria to Zagreb – 6 hours
  • from Venice of Italy to Zagreb – 6 hours
  • from Trieste of Italy to Zagreb – 4 hours
  • from Bratislava to Zagreb – 7 hours
  • from Munich Germany to Zagreb – 7.5 hours
  • from Milan Italy to Zagreb – 10 hours and many, many other bus routes

From the Zagreb Bus Station you can also take a bus to the world-famous National park Plitvice Lakes – one of the main sightseeings of Croatia.
Address of the Bus Station in Zagreb – Avenija Marina Držića 4, Zagreb

Zagreb Bus Station on the map of Zagreb:

Official web Bus station of Zagreb

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Get to Zagreb by car

Modern motorways connect Zagreb with all regions and cities of Croatia and Europe, including Slovenia, Germany, Hungary and Italy.

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Rent a car in Zagreb

You can rent a car directly at International Airport of Zagreb – Franjo Tudmana, as well as in several hotels and in the numerous offices of rentacar companies in the center of Zagreb city.

Сar rental prices in Zagreb ONLINE:

Car rental offers in Croatia include seasonal discounts and special promotions of Croatian car rental companies, as well as leading European rent a car companies.

In Croatia more than 30 firms offer the visitors of the Croatian car rental services, and all they have offices in the capital of Croatia – Zagreb.

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Cheap hotels next to the airport of Zagreb

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Have a good trip to Airport of Zagreb city!

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