Highways of Croatia: free or paid

To begin with, the roads and highways from all around Croatia are of very good quality. You can get to any settlement on any of the land territories of the country by car or by bus with no problems.

The Croatian highways are divided into free and paid speedy ones.

The free Croatian roads are a lot more picturesque and offer the traveller to observe the real, not “cleaned up for tourists” Croatia – to see how real Croatia lives.

Roads of CroatiaPhoto: Free roads of Croatia

The free roads have standard speeding limits, so your voyage to your accomodation place might take a little longer. You will, however, get a priceless chance to stop for a cup of coffee or perhaps a bit of traditional baked ram meal in any place you like along the way, or make a wonderful memorable photo – all of the free roads are laid along the sea.

Paid highways were built in Croatia not so long ago – these are laid in a central part of the country, so they are way less picturesque, but they will, however, guarantee that you get to whichever beach you were aiming for within 2 to 3 to 4 hours.

Highways of Croatia paidPhoto: Toll road / highways of Croatia

These highways are very high quality, with a speed limit up to 130 km/h, and there are the gasoline stations or resting zones or just parkings every 30 to 40 km located on them.

By the way, usage of the toilets on gasoline stations and resing zones on the Croatian highways is completely FREE

Toll road / highways of Croatia

Official web of Croatian highways service Hrvatske autoceste www.hac.hr

On this website, you can find all necessary information and updates about the highways: whether there are the renovation works going on, if there is an increased traffic, if some segment of the road is temporarily closed. Besides, through this website, you can call for a help on a road if you need it, you can pay for driving through the highways, or even find out the weather podcast (it is because some of the segments might be closed due to extreme weather conditions – such as, for example, strong wind). If you think this information will come in handy for you, you might find it more comfortable to download an app in AppStore or GooglePlay onto your mobile device.

Croatian toll roads:

A1 highway: Zagreb – Bosilevo – Zadar – Sibenik – Split – Sestanovac – Ravca;

A2 highway: Zagreb – Zapresic – Krapina – Macelj;

A3 highway: Bregana – Zagreb – Slavonski Brod – Zupanja – Lipovac;

A4 highway: Zagreb – Varazdin – Gorican;

A5 highway: Osijek – Đakovo – Sredanci;

A6 highway: Zagreb – Karlovac – Bosiljevo – Vrbovsko – Rijeka;

A7 highway: Rijeka – Rupa

How much do the Croatian toll roads cost?

The cost of using the Croatian paid highways depends on the size of your transport, and, of course, of the distance on the highway you have passed.

Below, we will provide some of the regular passenger car oriented prices of the most popular highway routes:

All of the prices of travelling on the Croatian paid highways can be found on the webpage hac.hr/hr/cestarina/cjenik

How to pay for using the Croatian toll roads / highways?

You will have to pay for using the Croatian highways when you exit the paid road segment (that is why it is important to keep the ticket that you will get at the entrance to the paid road segment).

The amount to pay is calculated based on the number of kilometers you have passed. At the exit from the highway that you will be using, you can pay either with cash or credit card in a special booth right in front of the road gates.

Other option for you might be purchasing the “ENC card”, which is practically the pre-paid card for highways, at the website Hrvatske Autoceste prodaja.hac.hr

The “ENC” option allows you to save from 13% up to 33% of your cash when using the highways (comparing to the other option).

Have a great trip and easy riding!