Hobbit saga in Croatia – the cave park Grabovača

Hobbit saga comes to life in Croatia, in the cave park Grabovača, hidden in the most picturesque, most untouched by civilisation region of Croatia – Lika.

Magical, as if it had just came of the picture, Hobbit house has found it’s cozy place in a garden with flora endemic of Croatia.

Interesting and touching detail is that all of the elements of decoration, all little bells, and barrels, little mirrors, all figurines, and much more – everything was collected and brought to build that magical corner by the locals, inspired with an idea of having a piece of the Hobbit saga close by.

Hobbit saga in Croatia. Photo 2 Photo by author OlgaK

Organized, but still not finished, garden is a part of the natural park Grabovača – the only cave park of the Croatia and Europe.

Hobbit saga in Croatia. Photo 5
Photo by author OlgaK

Grabovača park is inviting its visitors to explore the underground cave Samograd.

The cave is opened for tourists every day. The entrance is only allowed in groups; the groups are always scheduled at 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:00 and 16:30

You will also get a chance to enjoy the views of the endless green-lands of Lika and Velebit from the observation tower.

The overall length of the pedestrian walk through the park is around 3,5 km, which means it would take roughly 3-4 hours to see all beauties the nature of Lika can offer. A great idea would be to pack a decent stock of sandwiches, water, comfortable clothes and hiking shoes!.

Hobbit saga in Croatia. Photo 3

Temperature in the cave during the year is only + 8C

The park of nature Grabovača is opened for visitors from the beginning of may and till the end of October.

Hobbit saga in Croatia. Photo 4
Photo by author OlgaK

The entrance ticket to the nature park Grabovača costs

  • for adult 50 kn
  • for kids and students 28 kn
  • for senior 35 kn
  • kids younger than 5 years can enjoy the park for free

Grabovača park on map of Croatia

Official web of Grabovaća cave park https://pp-grabovaca.hr