How to get from the Split airport to the city center?

“How to get from the Split airport to the city center?” – one of the most frequently asked questions of the visitors arriving to this biggest airport on the Croatian coast. Lots of people get interested in finding this out, as the main bust station, the main railway station and the steamboat seaport to the Croatian islands are all located in the center of Split.

Thus, here are 5 trusted ways to get from the airport to the center of Split, starting from the cheapest one out there…

1 way: Public transportation

While being the cheapest, that is, by far, the least comfortable way of getting from the airport to the center of the city. By “public transport” we mean bus number 37, with the route going from Split to Trogir to Split, which stops by the airport, and bus number 38, going from Split to Resnik.

Those buses arrive by the airport every 20 minutes (this may vary from season to season).

The price of an adult ticket to the city bus number 37 Split-Trogir is 20 kn, which is approximatley 2,6 euro.
Official web of Split bus station

2 way: Shuttle from the Split airport to the center of the city

Shuttle bus from the Split airport to the center of the city is, rightfully, the optimal way of getting to the city for the economical and thoughtful tourist.

The shuttle is coming by every day, every 30 minutes. The time it takes the shuttle to cover the distance from the airport to the city center is about 20 minutes.

The price of the shuttle ticket costs 35 kn, which is an equivalent to about 4,6 euro

How to get from the Split airport to the city center?

3 way: Taxi

Taxi will never be cheaper than any transport you’ve hired in advance.

However, if the situation you are in involves the number of kids or amount of luggage you cannot possibly travel by bus with, taxi might be your only option.

Usually, a number of free and ready taxis can be found right outside the airport.

I would also like to mention, that an international UBER company is working in Croatia; you can use their official application to check the prices and order a taxi for yourself.

4 way: Rent a car in the airport of Split

If your fancy yourself a more active type of holiday than simply sunbathing on the beach – such as sightseeing or visiting multiple cities – we recommend you pay attention at the options of renting a car right at the airport.

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5 way: Transfer from the airport of Split to the centre of the city

The actual distance between an international airport of Split to the city centre is just 20 km. Of course, the price of an individual transfer is going to vary from season to season.

For the sake of your peace of mind and the minimisation of your financial loss, we recommend you order a transfer in advance.

View the ONLINE prices of individual transfers from the airport of Split, using the official web of the hugest and the most successful company, dedicated to individual transportation services:

Have a good trip!

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