Bridge of Кrk island / Krčki most

The bridge of Krk island is a 1430-meters-long reinforced concrete construction. It is a bridge, built to allow the car movement from the Krk Island and the mainland.

The process of construction took 4 years – all because of its impressive size.

Technically speaking, it consists of two arches: one connects the mainland to the St Marko Island, while another connects the St Marko Island to the Krk Island.

Bridge of Кrk island / Krčki most photo 2

The second arch of the bridge is 390 meters long, and for almost 17 years it was the longest bridge arch in Croatia. Currently, it proudly occupies the second place in the category – right after the Chinese Wanxian Bridge, built in 1997.

Every year, more than 1 000 000 cars are driving through the bridge.

Bridge of Кrk island / Krčki most photo

Initially, the freshly-constructed bridge got its name after the ex-president of the Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito – the Tito’s Bridge.

Now, locals call the bridge “Krčki” (pronounced as “Krchky”).

The driving across the bridge is free.

You can see the Krcki Bridge online, using the camera placed on the bridge

Bridge of Кrk island on Croatian map