Land ownership in Croatia: ideal for living and working

I am no realtor, but live in Croatia for a long time, and this is just a perfect offer for the soul and wallet – Real estate in Croatia. Land with all the necessary documents, from trustworthy hands would allow you to live and
earn in paradise ;)

Land ownership in the most beautiful part of Croatia – the Istrian Peninsula – cypresses… vineyards… cicadas… the peace)) To this very day Istria is remaining one of the most radiant and cleanest places in Europe.

It is an ideal investment at the ideal place: the distance to the border of Slovenia is 6 km, to the border of Italy – 33 km, to the border of Austria – 230 km; famous city of Pula is only 78 km away, and the capital of Croatia – Zagreb city – is 252 km away.

Land ownership in Croatia. Photo 1

Land ownership for sale in Croatia:

  • Piece of land 2900 sq.m for construction of three duplex villas 700 sq.m each, split into two
    halves which practically makes six villas, 3000 sq.m of forest
  • Ready conceptual project-design for construction of these facilities
  • Approved terms with the local authorities and approval for construction
  • Completed research of the soil for pool construction
  • Land is located on the perfectly flat elevation from the sea level
  • Land is connected to sources of water and electricity

Price of land and project is 443 000 euro

Land is a firm property so you will get back 25% of the price due to VAT which is include in the stated

Economical side of the question:

Tourist season in Istria lasts for 8 months a year.

Villa rent price with 2-3 bedrooms and pool has range of prices from 350-450 euro.

With the right approach generated revenue of one season of the project may be around 600 000 euro.

Such investment will give you opportunity to get resident card of Republic of Croatia

Interested?! Text me…and I will send you video, 3D project and other information that might interest

Land ownership in Croatia. Photo 2