Limski channel or Fjord Lim – 9 km from Rovinj

Limski channel or Fiord Lim is a natural phenomenon, formed in the Ice Age.

Limsky channel is the most beautiful narrow sea gulf of Istrian Peninsula, which protrudes into the coastline and is surrounded by picturesque green landscape.

Distance to Pula 45 km
Distance to Rovinj 9 km

Distance to Zagreb 252 km

Sightseeing of Croatia Limski channel Fiord Lim

Limski channel is a part of the Limski gorge, which is 35 km long and spreading from coastline almost to the middle of Istria Peninsula between cities Rovinj and Vrsar.

Total length of the channel is more than 10 km, width in the widest part of the channel reaches to 600 m and the depth is up to 30 m.

Limski channel was formed as a result of rocks degradation by the river Pazinchitca, which is now a stream. The water in Limski channel is light-salted, because of variety of influent supplies of fresh water, located on the bottom and in surrounding mountains. There are farms culturing mussels, oysters, rockfish and sea breams.

Along the channel shore there is a great amount of viewing points with splendid views.

Excursion boats go from the city of Rovinj to the Lim canal.

Limski channel on map of Croatia