Losinj island

Losinj is an island of vital energy!

Losinj island is one of the most picturesque parts of Croatia.

The beautiful and cozy island of Losinj is surrounded by a necklace of small isles and the inimitable waters of the Adriatic sea. Those who like ecotourism close to nature choose Losinj as a place o rest. Its numerous rocky bays attract people travelling by yacht and are just a pleasure to look at.

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The population of the island is 7000 people, most of whom live in the towns of Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj.

Mali Losinj is a large, active resort town with a lot of entertainment for the guests. Veli Losinj is smaller, more suitable for quiet family rest.

Losinj island otok Croatia photos

Sightseeing on Losinj island

The island has numerous structures of the Renaissance period, monasteries, churches and basilicas, antique monuments, which speaks of the rich history of the island.

The first inhabitants of the island – Illyrians – founded the settlement of Osor back in the 9th century. The oldest Roman settlements of the island are Osor, Lubenice, Beli.

Losinj island otok Croatia photos

Osor is an open-air museum; here, historical monuments of different epochs are found – from the relatively modern Mestrovic to the remains of antique walls, forts, and the first Christian church.

In summer, the town of Osor, which is buried in gardens and parks, offers a rich cultural program, including the famous Osor Classical Music Festival.

Losinj island otok Croatia photos

In the Middle Ages, Osor was a large trading port of the Adriatic. Of architectural monuments, the Bishop Palace and the Cathedral (15th century) have been preserved.

Near Osor, there is a bridge connecting the island of Losnj with the island of Cres.

The island of Cres has a good ferry connection with the mainland and the other islands of the archipelago.

Losinj island otok Croatia photos

Losinj and Cres were initially one, it was the largest in the Adriatic island called Apsyrtides, whose name was connected with the mythical hero Apsurtus.

A channel (11 meters wide) was artificially dug to make it possible for vessels to pass through.

Losinj island otok Croatia photos

In the 19th century, shipyards were built on the island of Losinj. Since that time, active development of the island began. Mali Losinj became a centre of European shipbuilding. The town of Mali Losinj became the second largest, after Triest, port of the Adriatic.

When the island belonged to Austria-Hungary, Losinj became known as a great place of rest, and later in became popular with the noble Austrian-Hungarian aristocrats as a balneological resort for its mild climate, lack of winter, the pine woods that encircle it, absence of strong winds, marvellous beaches, small cozy towns in the Italian style and its ever-healthy sea air that makes the summer heat easier to bear. The first hotel in Mali Losinj was built in 1887. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the isle of Losinj has been one of the most popular places of rest on the Adriatic, the same as the famous island of Krk.

Losinj island otok Croatia photos

Nowadays, the isle of Losinj is known as a recreational resort where people can treat the diseases of the upper respiratory tracts and asthma.

After the end of the First World War in 1918, the island of Losinj and the other islands of the archipelago became part of Italy, and after the Second World War, of Yugoslavia, and then, after the collapse of the socialist regime, of the Republic of Croatia.

Losinj is great for rest not only in the summer beach season, but also in autumn, winter and spring. To restore their physical and spiritual strength, the guests are offered a large selection of walking and cycling routes to be taken to get to know the historical and natural monuments of the island.

Nature sights of island Losinj

Losinj is the eleventh largest island of Croatia, it is 33 km long, 0,25-4,75 km wide. The shoreline is 112,7 km long. The shoreline has many bays good for resting and swimming.

All of the northern part of the island of Losinj is mountainous, there is found the Osorščica mountain range, as well as the highest point of the island – Mount Televrina (588 m above sea level).

Losinj island otok Croatia photos

The southern part of the island, its resort zone, is covered in lush subtropical vegetation; the famous Cikat bay is located there.

In 1893, thanks to the unique clearness of the sky and the visibility in the town of Mali Losinj, there was an observatory built, where astronomers from different parts of Europe and America started coming.

In 1996, to the south of the island of Losinj, at the depth of 40 m, a classical bronze statue of the Greek athlete Apoxiomen was found.

Losinj island otok Croatia photos

The statue has been restored and is now found in the museum of the town of Mali Losinj.

Losinj island otok Croatia photos

In 2006, the sea area of the islands of Cres and Losinj 2006 was declared a protected naval territory because of the unique dolphin colonies found there – Tursiops truncatus.

Losinj island otok Croatia photos

The island of Losinj is also one of the centres of yachting in Croatia, because the nearby islands Sv. Petar and Ilovik stun with their landscapes, the picturesque broken shoreline, the unforgettable bays and straits.

Aquapark Cikat on Mali Losinj island

Aquaparks Croatia Сikat


Aquapark Cikat was opened in July 2015.

For children the Aquapark Cikat offer different water attractions.

Aquapark Cikatis located on Mali Losinj island in the Сikat camping territory.
The aquapark include three pools covering an area of 2400 sq.meters of six different depths…

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Video about Losinj island:

Beaches in Kvarner bay Croatia

Beach Opatija Kvarner bay Croatia beach photoThe Kvarner beaches are also picturesque and various, there are sandy, small-pebbled and rocks beaches.
The most popular beach of Kvarner bay is Paradise beach on Rab island.
Kvarner region include beaches resorts and islands
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The island Losinj has a developed touristic infrastructure and a great selection of different kinds of entertainment for the guests.

Beaches on Losinj island

The shoreline of the island of Losinj has many bays suitable for rest and swimming.

Losinj island otok Croatia photos

The largest beaches of island Losinj

– beach Veli Zal in Mali Losinj
– beach Borik in Mali Losinj
– beach Cikat
– beach Valdarke
– beach Kadin
– beach Bojcic i Sv. Martin
– beach of Zagazine bay
– beach of Srebrna bay
– beach of Zlatna bay
– beach of Madona cape
– nudist beach FKK near Borik beach
The island of Losinj has several beaches for rest with dogs.

The numerous owners of homes on the Losinj island offer private apartments and villas for rest on Losinj.

Best offers:
Hotels & private apartments of Losinj island


Losinj island otok Croatia photos

Get to Losinj island

Get to island Losinj by sea

Ferries from the Zadar city travel to the island of Losinj.

Timetable ferries from Zadar city to Mali Losinj

As well the fast catamaran from Rijeka city to Mali Losinj island with stop on Cres island.

Timetable catamaran Rijeka city – Cres island – Mali Losinj island

You can buy the ticket of catamaran from Rijeka city to Cres island & Mali Losinj island online on web www.jadrolinija.hr

Losinj island otok Croatia photos

Thanks to the bridge in Osor town, the island of Losinj has a convenient connection to the island of Cres. You can get to the isle of Cres to settlement Porozine using a regular ferry line from the town of Brestova (29 km from Opatija city; 58 km from Pula city), which is located to 58 km from Pula city. The ferry road takes about 25 minutes.

Timetable ferry Brestova – Porozina, island Cres

Between the largest islands of Croatia, the isle of Cres and the isle of Krk there is a regular ferry connection. From the settlement of Valbiska, island Krk to Merag, isle of Cres the ferry travels for 15 minutes.

Timetable ferry Valbiska, island Krk – Merag, island Cres

The navigation between the islands

Timetable ferries Mali Losinj – Srakane Vele – Unije – Susak – Mali Losinj

You cannot buy ferry or catamaran tickets in advance. You can buy them on the day of the trip in the offices of their transport companies.

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Get to Losinj island by air

The airport closest to the Losinj island is the international airport of the city of Pula of Croatia.

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Map of Losinj island

Weather of Losinj island

Average monthly temperatures on island Losinj:

January +11 С
February +11 С
March +14 С
April +19 С
May +24 С
June +27 С
July +29 С
August +30 С
September +24 С
October +21 С
November +16 С
December +10 С

Average monthly water temperatures on island Losinj:

January +10 С
February +12 С
March +14 С
April +15 С
May +19 С
June +22 С
July +25 С
August +26 С
September +23 С
October +20 С
November +17 С
December +12 С

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