Motovun – truffles city – 30 km from Porec city

The first thing that strikes you when you enter Motovun is its quietness. Motovun – located in 30 km from Porec city – truffles city is a very old city, famous for its truffles, and it seems to be living its own life, which has not changed over the past hundred years.

And, while the time itself is slowing down its pace, you involuntarily slow your walking down, keeping your breathing quieter.

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The sounds of your steps intertwine with the ancient pavement, polished by centuries, and you feel yourself becoming a part of Motovun. You fuse with the life of city harmoniously, dissolving in it for a while.

“Part of the Ship, part of the Crew ;)

The streets of Motovun – that’s where that unique charm is found! Little private shops, stairs, yards, old windows, turns and balconies… that little city prepares some unforgettable impressions for these who search – the memories, one’s soul will never forget.

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There is always a gentle note of the truffle smell in the air of the Motovun streets – all because of the numerous restaurants that serve meals with that delicatess mushroom. These places are world-famous for their natural and quality black and white Istra truffles.

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It will not take you more than a couple of hours to see all of the Motovun – even if you are a slow walk lover. And even if you do not plan to have a lunch with a truffle meal. It is highly recommended not to miss a cup of coffee at the shadowed street or on the city wall while enjoying an amazing view. Try to soak in the peace and calmness of that place, let go of all the stress and fuss that surrounds us – the modern megapolis inhabitants.

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You can spend some time in Motovun, staying in the Kastel hotel – its located right in the central part of the town.

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Hotel Kaštel 3* in the historical centre of Motovun

Hotel Kastel MotovunFABULOUS rating 8.9 / 10
The rating is based on the 271 reviews by hotel guests
Hotel is located right at the centre of Motovun
Distance to the Adriatic sea: 30 km
Distance to Zagreb: about 228 km
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Additionally: a modernly equipped hotel is located right at the center of the medieval Motovun. For the hotel guests: there is a restaurant, an indoor swimming pool, the Spa center with a sauna, and the garden. Most of the hotel rooms have a view onto the Mirana River valley and the famous vineyards of Motovun. While accomodated in the hotel, you might consider visiting a city of artists Groznjan – in 18 km, and the smallest town of the world, Hum – in about 32 km from Motovun.

Cost of apartment for 2 guests: from 111 euro

Photo & description of Hotel Kaštel 3* in Motovun

Or, in any of the numerous stylized private apartments in Motovun

Few interesting facts about Motovun:

  • The city-fortress Motovun was founded in 12th to 13th century.
  • Motovun is located on the height of somewhere 277 meters above the sea level.
  • The longest stairs in the Istria – which has 1052 steps – is leading towards the main square of the Motovun.
  • The population of Motovun is about 500 people.
  • According to the legend, the patron of Motovun city is a giant, called Veli Joze.
  • The plan of Motovun city is depicted on the 10 Croatian kunas bank note.

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Autumn in Motovun

There is a Motovun film festival organized in Motovun every year since 1999.
Official web of Motovun film festival

In October, the city hosts a very popular Festival of truffles of Istria, which attracts many guests. All because the very region is extremely famous for the black and white Istrian truffles that grow there.

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What to see next to the Motovun?

The city of artists Groznjan – in 18 km from Motovun

The smallest city of the world Hum – in 32 km from Motovun

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Motovun town on map of Croatia:

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