Museums in Zagreb

Museum of Broken Relationships

Museum of broken relationships Zagreb CroatiaThe Museum of Broken Relationships grew from a traveling exhibition revolving around the concept of failed relationships and their ruins.
Unlike ‘destructive’ self-help instructions for recovery from failed loves, the Museum offers a chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creation: by contributing to the Museum’s collection.
Address of Museum of Broken Relationships Zagreb, Cirilometodska 2
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Museum of Contemporary Art

This modern museum was opened in 2009.
Throughout the year the museum organizes numerous exhibitions.
Address of Museum of Contemporary Art: Zagreb, Avenija Dubrovnik 17
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Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

Address of Archaeological Museum Zagreb, Trg Nikole Subica Zrinskog 19Trg Nikole Subica Zrinskog 19
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Museum Mimara Museum

Museum Mimara Zagreb museums


The museum is private collection of Ante Topic Mimara, which was open for visitors in 1987.
Ante Topic Mimara (1898-1987) was a collector, painter, restorer, art expert, great Croatian donor and benefactor.
In museum there are over 3750 art works… Goya, Renoir, Degas, Manet, Carveggio, Canaletto…
Address of Mimara Museum Zagreb, Trg Nikole Subica Zrinskog 19
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Museum of Arts & Crafts

Museum of Arts & Crafts Zagreb museum Croatia

The Museum of Arts and Crafts was founded in 1880.
The Museum exhibits about one hundred thousand items of the fine and applied arts, drawn from the period from the 14th to the 21st century, organised into a number of collections: furniture, glass, metal, ceramics, sculpture, painting, graphic art, clocks and watches, graphic and product design, architecture, photography (one of the oldest such collections in the world) and photographic equipment, fabric and fashion, musical instruments, painted leather, ivory, printing and bookbinding.
Address of Museum of Arts & Crafts Zagreb, Trg Marsala Tita 10
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Technical Museum – Nikola Tesla

Technical Museum Zagreb Croatia
Zagreb Technical Museum is a museum of science and technology.
Technical Museum of Zagreb was founded in 1954.
The exposition of Technical Museum includes several thousand exhibits.
Opening hours of Technical Museum Zagreb: Tuesday – Friday from 9:00 to 17:00, Saturday & Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00, on Mondays closed
Address of Technical Museum Zagreb, Savska cesta 18
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Automobile Museum Ferdinand Budicki

Museum of Automobile in Zagreb was open in 2013.
The museum said about history of automobiles in Croatia began 115 years ago.
Exhibits of the museum are vintage cars, motorcycles, bikes, and historycal photos and documentary film and other about history of cars.
Address of Automobile Museum Zagreb, ulica kneza Ljudevita Posavskog 48
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Museum of Illusions Zagreb

Museum of Illusions ZagrebMuseum of Illusions Zagreb has over 70 exhibits, the largest collection of holograms in East Europe.

The Museum of Illusions offers an intriguing, visual, sensual and educational experience in a fun adventure for all generations.
Opening hours Museum of Illusions Monday – Sunday 09:00 – 22:00
Address Museum of Illusions Ilica 72, Zagreb
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Museum “The Eighties” of socialist Yugoslavia in Zagreb

Museum “The Eighties” of socialist Yugoslavia in Zagreb
The Museum of the 80s of Yugoslavia is styled as a typical apartment of a well-to-do family of citizens of those times of socialist Yugoslavia.

The museum is equally interesting to different generations from children to their grandparents. In the museum there are no guides, visitors can touch all the exhibits: turn on the vinyl record, call the disc phone, play games of those times …

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Neanderthal Museum in Krapina – 60 km from Zagreb

Neanderthal Museum Krapina Croatia


The Krapina Neanderthal Museum covers a surface area of around 1,200 sq.meters and is one of the most modern museums in Croatia.

In the museum you can find the interesting story about the life and culture of the Krapina Neanderthal, enjoy the many multimedia components and other contents, as well as very specific architecture.

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Hunting museum in Zagreb

Hunting museum Zagreb CroatiaHunting museum Zagreb was founded in 1954.
The museum offers the most famous Croatian hunting trophies and unique collection of 170 species of birds and bird eggs, and also hunting weapons since the 16th century to modern.
In hunting museum collection includes more than 2,000 exhibits.
Opening hours Hunting Museum Wed, Fri, Sat 8:00-13:00 ; Tue, Thu 12:00-17:00
Address Hunting Museum V. Nazora 63, Zagreb
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