Advent Zagreb included in the list of the best Christmas markets in the world

Advent Zagreb

CNN has added Zagreb Advent to the exclusive list of top Christmas markets in the world. From November 27th to January 7th center of Zagreb has turned into one big Christmas wonderland.

Every year Advent in Zagreb surprises its visitors with more and more new entertainment solutions and unforgettable experiences which have been recognized as the best in Europe for three consecutive times.

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Thermal clinics and treatment in Croatia

Thermal clinics and treatment in Croatia

Increasingly Croatia is becoming a popular place for health tourism.

In Croatia, there are several thermal clinics and treatment with natural thermal water from thermal springs, with a unique chemical composition, is used. Thermal clinics in Croatia are modernly equipped, with professional qualified staff, and are open throughout the year.

Arthritis, osteoporosis, psoriasis, varicose veins, problems with the central and peripheral nervous system, diseases of the digestive system, diabetes mellitus, various skin diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, preventive treatment of sports injuries, postoperative rehabilitation – here is an incomplete list of diseases that are treated in the thermal clinics of Croatia.

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Winter & Autumn in Croatia

Winter in Split Croatia

Winter in Croatia

Winter in Croatia is attractions, amusements and sports entertainment, ski resorts, thermal clinics, SPA and aqua parks, shopping…

Croatia, being uniquely located in two climate zones, offers its guests a possibility to walk along the Adriatic coast in the morning, eat some freshly-caught grilled fish, and after dinner and until late night to do alpine skiing, or unwind in the European shops of Zagreb, or in its night clubs and discos.

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