Okic old town-fortress – 28 km from Zagreb

Okic old town-fortress is considered one of the oldest fortress-cities of Croatia.

Okic is located 10 km from Samobor city and 28 km from the capital of Croatia – city of Zagreb.

That is a unique example of the preserved Roman architecture, found in the continental Croatia, located on the secluded rocky ridge top of the Plesivice.

Okic old town-fortress. Photo 2

Okic has been playing a very important role during the years of king Bele IV regiment. The fortress-town has guarded the surrounding territories for centuries – first against the Mongolian tribes, and then against the Turkish armies (it was destroyed by Turks three times). Today, one can read the story of those ancient times from the remaining of those once mighty walls.

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First mentioning of the old town Okic is dated back to 1193 A.C.

Old fortress town Okic consisted from the upper part, lower part where the living quarters were and the bell tower.

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Later, as the time was passing by, Okic has lost all it’s political significance around 1616 A.C. and slowly turned into ruins.

Today Okic is a popular destination for rock-climbers, wildlife explorers and curious tourists; despite their old age, the ruins still impress with their 499 meters height.

Okic old town-fortress. Photo 4

The ruins of Okic old town-fortress are surrounded with the breathtaking nature, which brought it into the tops of places to visit of numerous Zagreb city locals.

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Right at the slope of the hill, there is a small hospitable mountain house, where tourists can try some of the highlights of the local cuisine, as well as relax and have some good time after hiking or skying.

Okic old town-fortress. Photo 7


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