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My name is Olga) I am a private individual guide in Croatia.
I’ve been doing this for 19 years now.
During this time, “traveling in Croatia” has become half of my life))

Here is a travel web of a “restless” inquisitive independent traveler in Croatia.

All you need to see and love this country: car, good camera in your phone and a greeeeeeeatest wish to be surprised by something new… and Croatia do not to fail ?

My heart was left here after the first visit to this wonderful country.

croatia4travel.com web site on English and Russian languages, created in 2002 about the Croatia country and for those who interested in Croatia – mainly, for tourism purposes, but also in many other branches.

Overall active audience of croatia4travel.com accumulates to about 4 000 000 views per year which is approximately 330 000 per month, who are interested in different traveling destinations and rely on online services as the main source of their inspiration.

Visitors of our web are people, looking at Croatia as a place for their holidays and choosing the most appropriate for them resort, interests, entertainments and place for accommodation.

Croatia4travel.com statistics by Google

8 level Google expert

I travel around Croatia a lot, take pictures and post materials on the Internet, for example on Google … and Google, in gratitude, gave me the title of “8 level Google expert” … I am proud and climb to the next level ?

You will love Croatia the way I love it


NEW project: Author’s “Wine & Gastro individual  tours” from Zagreb

Wines of Croatia are becoming more and more famous all around the world; they take the winning places in the international wine exhibitions and contests.
There are multiple grape species planted in the wine regions of Croatia. We are, however, most interested in the species that are unique for the Croatia alone.

Wine- Gastro- tour of seaside Croatia

For the people who love a good wine ? tasty food ???? and relaxed vacation ?

The author’s Wine- Gastro- tours is a perfect opportunity to gain some new experiences and make new memories :)

The “all inclusive” tours are well thought out and comfortably organized – all you have to do is to come to Croatia – we will take care of the rest :)

Grate yourself a flurry of new, amazing emotions, feelings and memories))

➝ more about “Wine & Gastro” tours of Croatia

Blogging and photography :))

croatia4travel.com Blogging and photography photo1My hobby for blogging and photography began even in 2008, when I settled in Croatia and made my first website about this wonderful colorful country.

Today the website about Croatia https://croatia4travel.com (old name www.adriariva.com) has a wide audience of about 231 000 views per month.

Lately, writing about travel and travelers has become a necessity, and potentially I dream of turning it into a full-time job.

croatia4travel.com Blogging and photography

I started to like my photos relatively recently, I owe this to the global changes in my attitude and internal structuring.

Now I have over 200 photos on Shutterstock www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/olgakstudio and on FineArtAmerica olga-kurygina.pixels.com

It doesn’t look very serious, but whoever understands knows that it’s not easy either.

Project: "Generation of Perestrojka"

Project: “Generation of Perestrojka”

*just only in Russian

Part 1: Concept
Park 2: “Why don’t you like bananas?”

To be continued… I hope…


Blog: usa4travel.com
“How we discovered America / Our family trips across the Ocean”

Blog usa4travel.comThis project was conceived and carried out under the strong emotional impression of traveling around the United States. Planned more like an eccentricity for the 40th anniversary. Our first trip to America was not our last. It has become a tradition to make “cross-ocean pilgrimages” every year, and this year we made the fourth trip in a row.

For the “perestroika generation”, who received their basic education back in the days of the Soviet Union, traveling “TO AMERICA”!?!? was akin to falling “Alice down the rabbit hole”.

The usa4travel.com blog tells chronologically about all our family trips to the USA, day by day, step by step. This is an absolutely sincere emotional narrative with comments and advice that I hope will be useful to someone.

Welcome to www.usa4travel.com
*just only in Russian

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