Palace of Daenerys “Game of Thrones” in Croatia

The halls of Daenerys’s palace from the “Game of Thrones” series were filmed in Diocletian Palace in Split city.

Palace of Daenerys "Game of Thrones" in Croatia

Diocletian Palace – ranked as a UNESCO world heritage monument – is the most visited attraction of Split. It’s history starts during the ancient Rome times, in 305 AC!

Perfectly preserved basements and corridors of the Diocletian Palace made a wonderful setting for such memorable scenes of series as Daenerys Targaryen Meereen:

  • wonderful palace throne hall
  • and the room where she kept her dragons

Palace of Daenerys "Game of Thrones" in Croatia

One of the key moments of fourth season of the “Game of Thrones” – “Kill the Masters” – is highly connected to the palace halls.

In the fourth episode one can see the soldiers are making their way through the flooded corridors, to get to the place where the slaves are kept, for them to join Daenerys.

That was the beginning of Daenerys Targaryen’s regin in Meereen.

Palace of Daenerys "Game of Thrones" in Croatia

Museum “Game of Thrones” and fan-shop of the series

Not so long ago, a “Game of Thrones” museum was opened in Split, as well as a souvenir fan shop with the series-themed magnets, T-shirts, dragon eggs, figures to collect, and many more.

Taking pictures with dragons – the most beloved entertainment for the museum visitors!

Museum "Game of Thrones" and fan-shop

Address of museum “Game of Thrones” in Split

Bosanska 9, Split

Museum contact phone

+385 (0)99 694 03 12

Official web of museum “Game of Thrones” in Split

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