Parks in Zagreb

Zagreb is famous for its parks.

Unlike the other world’s capitals, Zagreb is a very “green city”, and it is proud of its parks, opened for guests and the locals.

City Parks in Zagreb Croatia

There are old historical parks in a centre of Zagreb, and spacious well-equipped modern parks in the newest districts of city.

City Parks in Zagreb Croatia


In a centre of Zagreb are located such old historical parks, as, for example, Zrinjevac: it is especially brightly decorated during the Advent and Christmas holidays in Zagreb.

Zrinjevac park of Zagreb was built in 1860, and takes an area of 12500 m2. It will cheer your eye with its wonderful colours and fountains. In a centre of Zrinjevac park there is a musical pavilion, where are often organized some musical events. The music is played for everyone, who wants to hear it! Besides, visitors are usually pay a lot of attention to the meteorological columns, placed here in 1884.

City Parks in Zagreb Croatia

The Ribnjak park – which is not very far from the Zagreb City’s Cathedral and Kaptol hill – once upon a time was a pond, where the Bishop was fishing every Friday. That’s where its name comes from. Later, the pond turned into the common English park with paths and fountains.

Today the Ribnjak park is also known as a placement of popular iconic rock and blues club of Zagreb – the Rock Club Ribnjak.

City Parks in Zagreb Croatia

“Zagreb Green Horseshoe”, or “Lenuci Horseshoe” – a system of the most beautiful Zagreb’s squares and parks – maybe, the most beautiful attraction of Zagreb, placed in the Donji Grad / Lower Town region.

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Арт парк в центре города – особенная гордость загребчан.

City Parks in Zagreb Croatia

Botanical garden of Zagreb – a picturesque park for the excitingly-informative walks in a fine weather, founded in 1889. Botanical garden is a quiet calm oasis in a centre of the Zagreb, and today attracts many visitors.

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City Parks in Zagreb Croatia Botanical Garden Zagreb Croatia

A little bit further from centre, in a popular old region of Zagreb is located a picturesque Maksimir park, with system of lakes and various entertainments on the opened air.

Park Maksimir is the oldest public park in South-Eastern Europe, was opened for visits in 1794.

City Parks in Zagreb Croatia

Part of Marsimir park is taken by one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe – the Zagreb City Zoo.

Zagreb City Zoo takes an area of 7 hectares, and creates the home for more than 275 animal species. You can get to the Maksimir park by trams number 4, 7, 11 and 12.

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City Parks in Zagreb Croatia

Park-cemetery Mirogoj – one of the most-most popular attractions in Zagreb – founded in 19th century, and famous for its historical burials and for is calming atmosphere.

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City Parks in Zagreb Croatia Mirogoj cemetery Zagreb

Bindek park and Jarun park – the most beloved resting place of Zagreb’s citizens on the opened air. There are nice walking paths for strolling and jogging, there are cycling roads, playgrounds for kids, different sports grounds, and, also, places for picnics or sunbathing on a grass, closely to the park’s lakes. On a lake of Jarun park – it is 2 km long – are regularly organized the rowing competitions.

City Parks in Zagreb Croatia

City Parks in Zagreb Croatia

A large Medvednica park – “the lungs of Zagreb” – is located on the Mjedvedinca mountain, at a distance of 10 km away from city.

Mjedvednica mountain rises for 1035 meters above the sea level, and its highest point is Sljeme.

During the summer Sljeme can offer you its pedestrian mountain tours, and during the winter – there opens the skiing resort Sljeme, where are organized the annual competitions Ski World Cup. Mjedvednica mountain protects Zagreb from the cold north winds.

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City Parks in Zagreb Croatia