Pashki cheese / Paški sir – delicacies of Croatia

Paški sir / Pashki cheese is the hard sheep milk cheese, with the olive oil added to it. The name of the cheese comes from the name of the island Pag – where it is made.

Pashki cheese is known as “The King of the Croatian cheeses” – it has become famous far away from Croatia. This cheese is the multifold international competitions and the exhibitions prize-winner.

Pashki cheese / Paški sir. Photo 1

Pashki cheese is included into the nationally protected foods of Croatia.

The high price of the cheese is explained by the length and difficulty of its production: in order to obtain the Pashki cheese, the sheep milk is pasteurized and chilled to the optimal temperature of 30 C. Then, it is mixed with the leaven concentrate, filtrated and left under the pressure for at least a day. After that step is over, the cheese has to “ripen” for 2 months, at a specific temperature and the humidity.

Pashki sir cheese / Paški sir. Photo 2

The Pashki cheese produced by the Kolan from the Kolane is exceptionally well-known. Pashki cheese by the Kolan is the winner of the most prestigious exhibitions of the mediterranean region.

Cheese of Croatia

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