Petrсane resort: hotels + beaches + prices

To my great surprise, I realised that I hadn’t ever had a chance to explore the Zadar Riviera. To fix this terrible miscomprehension, I seized the opportunity and extended my stay. The Petrсane Resort was chosen at random – a literal roll of the dice.

After getting all my work issues settled, I rented a hotel room with the decadent plans of spending a sunny day at the seaside…
… but towards the end of this miraculous day Petrсane Resort has became a firm entry on my personal top of favourite places to visit on the Croatian coastline. But let’s out it aside for now because I want to say a few words about the hotel:

Petrace Resort - seaside

I was definitely not wrong for choosing this particular hotel. Tidy hotel Pinja 4* is located right at the seaside, and it has all you may ever need to make your seaside vacation unforgettable: the vast beaches, the spacious parking and the well-equipped terrains with tennis courts, playgrounds, ping-pong and mini-golf.

➝ photo & descriptions of Pinia hotel 4* Petrcane

Petrace Resort - hotel Pinija

Hotel Pinija 4* Petrcane

Цены в Хорватии летом 2023. Фото 7EXCELLENT rating 8.5 out of 10
Hotel rating based on reviews from 2168 hotel guests
Distance to Zadar center: 13 km
Add: hotel guests have modernly equipped rooms. Guests have access to outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a wellness area, saunas, and playgrounds.
Those interested can book full or half board at the hotel.
A room for 2 persons costs: from 120 euros

➝ photo & descriptions of Hotel Pinija 4* Petrcane

Petrcane resort - hotel Pinija - small-pebble beach

This hotel is perfectly suited for the summer trio with kids of all ages, as well as the calm early autumn get-away.

However, the main advantage of the Pinja Hotel were the long pebble beaches, where you may comfortable rest in a shadow of a pine tree, while breathing in the unmatchable pine and sea salt infused air that you can only expierence in Dalmatia

And a bit more landscape memories ;))

Petrcane resort. Photo 3

I want to talk separately about the evening meal outing.
The decision to not buy dinner in the hotel was made deliberately, despite the rather tempting offer.
That evening, all I wanted was the authentic Mediterranean cousine witn the view opening out to sea, drowning in it’s unique omnipresent seaside air…

Petrcane resort - seaside restaurant

All went according to plan ) mission successful ))

Have a great vacation on Petrcane resort!

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