Active, fun, beautiful… new rafting & kayaking – near the Zagreb

On the banks of Kupa river, 40 km from Karlovac city and 87 km from Zagreb, a new entertainment for lovers of active water recreation in nature – rafting & kayaking Aquadventure.

Severin on Kupa is located on the very heart of the pure and most picturesque massif of Gorski Kotar. The canyon of the Kupa river is a beautiful idyllic place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Rafting & kayaking near Zagreb. Photo 1

Kupa in this place forms several seething rapids, rafting along Kupa will be equally interesting for both beginners and advanced kayakers.

Rafting & kayaking near Zagreb. Photo 2

New modern equipment – kayaks, quad bikes, and team of passionate experienced professionals – that guarantees you a great vacation and unforgettable experience from and active day off.

Rafting & kayaking near Zagreb. Photo 3

Guests are offered:

  • rafting in groups of 6 people
  • kayaking
  • quad biking on mountain trails and wild nature

How much does rafting & kayaking cost in “Aquadventure” near Zagreb:

  • rafting 45 euros per person, minimum group of 6 people
  • kayaking 42 euros per person, minimum group of 6 people
  • the price includes: professional equipment to ensure your comfort and safety, experienced guides, logo T-shirt, photography, welcome drink ;)
  • age restrictions – from 4 years old

GPS coordinates 45°25’10.2″N 15°10’19.6″E

Aquadventure – your ideal destination for unforgettable adventure on and off water

You can end your unforgettable and adventurous day with a swim in picturesque Kupa.

Rafting & kayaking near Zagreb. Photo 4

If you have been wondering where you can eat delicious ram near Zagreb. There are two great restaurants for you where you can make this dream come true!

Delicious ram off skewer near Zagreb

When you’re done with your water adventures, don’t forget to dine at one of the local atmospheric restaurants, “Mirni Kut” or “Rim”, which are known far from the local areas for their delicious ram.

Rafting & kayaking near Zagreb. Photo 5

Address of the restaurant “Mirni Kut” 2 Klanac, Severin na Kupi
Address of the restaurant “Rim” Rim 21, 51329, Severin na Kupi

Unforgettable and delicious weekend to you!