Risnjak national park

The nature of Croatia is unique. Not only is it the sea and the sky charming with their blue, the long beaches, the reflection of the sone cliffs in the sea, unending fields and thermal springs…

At any time, in any place in Croatia you can see something new and unique, different from what you’ve seen before.

One of the eight national parks of Croatia is a park Risnjak.

Risnjak national natural park Croatia photo

Risnjak is a mountain range located in Gorski Kotar — a place covered in thick hundred years old woods. The exploration of the nature around Mt Veliki Risnjak was begun in the 19th century.

Risnjak national natural park Croatia photo

The famous botanist Josip Schlosser published a whole series of publications on the subject of the flora of Risnjak. In 1949 the Croatian botanist Ivo Horvat offered to organise a national park to protect the nature of the region. The offer was realised in 1953.

In 1997 the Croatian Parliament voted for expansion of the territory of the park, as a result of which the territory of the park started to include Mt Snježnik and a few villages. Since then, the region has been under state protection.

The total area of park Risnjak is 64 sq.km. The terrotory of the park is split into two zone — a zone of stringent and a zone of moderate protection.

Risnjak national natural park Croatia photo

The highest spot of the mountain range is Veliki Ricnjak, from which there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area. A distinctive trait of the park is its special microclimate and its rich flora and fauna. There are different kinds of plants here, whose heavy growth is due to the closeness of the sea, and the Dinaric Alps mountain range.

The main trees of the park are the beech and the silver fir. There are also maples, ashes, firs, oaks, plane trees, yews. There are over 30 species of protected plants growing there, the more important of which are the edelweiss, the orchid and the milfoil.

Risnjak national natural park Croatia photo

There is plenty of chamois, deer and wild boars. More rare are brown bears, wolves and lynxes, after which the park was named.

Mt Veliki Risnjak is the highest peak of the park. On its southern slope is the house built by Josip Schlosser and which is called Schlosser’s home. You can only get to the peak of the mountain on foot.

Risnjak national natural park Croatia photo

Snjeznik is the second highest peak of the park. On its slope is the Albaharijeva house.

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