Roman Amphitheater in Pula

Built in the 1st century AD by the Emperor Vespasian, the Roman Amphitheater of Pula is the sixth in size in the world among such constructions.

Sightseeing of Croatia Roman Amphitheater of Pula

Center of city Pula
Distance to Zagreb 264 km

Nowadays it is the best preserved Roman amphitheater in the world.
The Amphitheater External walls are 29m high, the length of the Amphitheater is 130m and the width is 100m. The Amphitheater accommodated 23,000 spectators.

Different events, parades, theatre performances and live music concerts are held on the arena of Amphitheater in Pula.

The address of Roman Amphitheater in Pula

Flavijevska st., 52100, Pula

Roman Amphitheater on map of Pula