Ruins of Canjevo fortress – 60 km from Zagreb

Ruins of Canjevo fortress is located in 60 km from Zagreb city and in 36 km from Varazdin city.

There is very little information about the fortress in historical writings. The first mentionings of the settlement from around the place where the fortress is built belong to a period in between 3400 to 2500 BC.

Ruins of Canjevo fortress. Photo 1

It’s highly possible, that the roots of this very settlement lie even deeper in the labyrinths of ancient history – some factors suggest it might have been the bronze age.

Foundation of the Čanjevo Consolidation was laid in the middle of 15th century. In the second half of the 16th century, the consolidation was upgraded into a fortress, for it to be able to protect the borders from the Ottoman Empire armies.

Ruins of Canjevo fortress. Photo 3

Starting from the second half of the 16th century, there’s a lack of remarks about the fortress in historical sources. It’s possible, that from that moment on the process of destruction and desertion of the fortress had begun.

The remains of Canjevo / Čanjevo fortress we have a chance to see today silently testify to the long-gone power of these ancient walls: strengthened corner towers, double walls…

Moving carefully through the destroyed fortress walls of that once gigantic construction, one involuntary submerges into the mystical atmosphere of the place. And starts thinking about the true weight of time behind us, about the frailty of everything that exists in the world.

Ruins of Canjevo fortress. Photo 2

Ruins of Canjevo fortress. Photo 4

Today, the walls of the fortress are the museum under the opened skies. The entrance is completely free.

The address of the ruins Canjevo: Čanjevo 10, 42224, Čanjevo

Ruins Fortress Canjevo / Čanjevo on map of Croatia

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