Ruins of Grebengrad – 65 km from Zagreb

At first glance, Ruins of Grebengrad doesn’t really make an impression of something extraordinary. The ruins – that were once a city-fortress – are thoroughly destroyed and are overgrown with the tall grass and bushes. After taking a closer look, however, one starts to notice that here and there in the forest there are the remains of a single once gigantic building.

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Consequently, very soon the disappointment turns into an understanding of the once colossal grandeur of this place. For a long time, Grebengrad was one of the largest fortification constructions in an entire Croatian Zagorje region.

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First mentionings of the Grebengrad belong to 1209. Hidden between the hills of Ivancice mountain, Grebengraf was well-populated for a long period of time – from around 1209 and up to 1710.

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In 1710, however, there was a very strong fire in a fortress, which made it impossible to live there. Since then, the Grebengrad settlement was referred to as “ruins” in all of the remaining historical sources.

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Today the Grebengrad ruins is a museum under the opened skies. The entrance is completely free.

Grebengrad is located in 60 km from Zagreb city, in 24 km from Varaždin city and in 39 km from Trakošcan palace

Address of the ruins of Grebengrad: Madžarevo ul. 231, 42220, Madžarevo

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