“Rusko Bistro” restaurant of Russian cuisine in Zagreb

“Rusko Bistro” is a restaurant of traditional Russian cuisine in the very center of Zagreb city – it’s just 300 meters away from the City’s main square, Ban Josip Jelačić Square.

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The restaurant’s menu includes a variety of classical Russian cuisine meals: such as pelmeni (3,3 euro), the beetroot soup Borsch (3,3 euro) – either with beef or in its vegetarian variation, sweet pancakes with condensed milk or savory pancakes with red caviar (4,6 euro).

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Beloved lemonades from childhood: Dushes (1,8 euro), Buratino (1,8 euro), Tarhun (1,8 euro), Kryushon (1,8 euro) and Baikal (1,8 euro) .

The choice of offered alcoholic beverages is very diverse, too: “Baltika” beer from Sankt Petersburg (from 2,2 euro), Georgian wines (2,2 euro), Armenian cognac “Ararat” (from 2,6 euro).

And, of course, Russian vodka (2,4 euro) in a combination with cold snacks – salted herring (2,6 euro) or marinated honey mushrooms / armillaria (2,6 euro).

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If you’re in a mood to spend some quality time in a warm company with a cup of Lavazza coffee. Or refreshing traditional Russian Ivan-tea (1,6 euro), don’t forget to try the famous “Medovik” cake with nuts (2,6 euro), lemon (2,6 euro), or cocoa (2,6 euro).

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And of course what can lift the mood on a hot sunny day better than the Creme-Brulee ice cream (1,2 euro) in a waffle cup!

Our restaurant is located on one of the most beautiful central squares of the city – Europski Square.

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Menu of “Rusko Bistro” restaurant

Menu of the restaurant *download.pdf

The working hours of “Rusko Bistro”

Monday – Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00

“Rusko Bistro” restaurant on map of Zagreb

The address of “Rusko Bistro”: Vlaška street 19, Zagreb

You are welcome!


Добро пожаловать!

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