Sibenik Falconry Centre – 8 km from Sibenik

The Šibenik Falconry Centre located in dense pine forest near Dubrava, just 8 km north of the Sibenik city centre.

Šibenik Falconry Centre was founded in 2000.

Sibenik Falconry Centre Croatia

The Šibenik Falconry Centre represents a unique place where visitors can find out about the mysterious life of sky hunters – falcons.

Sibenik Falconry Centre Croatia

The centre receives birds of prey from all over Croatia, most of which are victims of their interaction with human civilization. The majority are successfully treated and returned to the wild nature.

Birds of prey have always admired the man.

Falcon hunting is as old as the oldest culture of our civilization.
With the appearance of firearms, falcon hunting became less popular, but thanks of many lovers, now there is new renaissance it.

At this time in the Šibenik Falconry Centre there are some kinds of birds: Griffon Vulture/Gyps fulvus, The new ears/Bubo bubo, Forest owl/Strix aluco, Sow chewing/Tyto alba, Bukoč/ Pandion haliaetus, Scary mice/ Buteo buteo, Hawk/ Accipiter gentilis, Step Snout/Falco cherrug, Sparrow hawk/Accipiter nisus, Small ears/ Asio otus

Sibenik Falconry Centre Croatia

Individual visitors are free to admire and photograph any birds.

Open hours Sibenik Falconry Centre from 10:00 to 17:00

Entrance ticket to the Šibenik Falconry Centre cost 45 kn (~6 euro) for adult, 35 kn (~4,5 euro) for child

Šibenik Falconry Centre address: Škugori 47a, Dubrava kod Šibenika

GPS Šibenik Falconry Centre: 43.73191000 ; 15.94871500

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