Sightseeing of Istria & Kvarner

Sightseeing of Istria Sightseeing Kvarner

The most well-known sights of Istria
the Ancient Roman amphitheatre in Pula – one of the largest remaining constructions of its kind in the world, Euphrasian Basilica, national park Brijuni.

The main sights of Kvarner:
Croatian national parks Paklenica and North Velebit, the Frankopana castle, the famous Plitvice lakes park in 130 km from Kvarner.

Roman Amphitheater in Pula

Sightseeing of Croatia Roman Amphitheater of Pula
Centar of city Pula
Distance to Zagreb 264 km

Built in the 1st century AD by the Emperor Vespasian, the Roman Amphitheater of Pula is the sixth in size in the world among such constructions. Nowadays it is the best preserved Roman amphitheater in the world. The Amphitheater External walls are 29m high, the length of the Amphitheater is 130m and the width is 100m. The Amphitheater accommodated 23,000 spectators. Nowadays different events, parades, theater performances and live music concerts are held on the arena of Amphitheater in Pula.

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Euphrasian Basilica in Porec

Sightseeing of Croatia Euphrasian Basilica Porec
Distance to Pula 59 km
Distance to Zagreb 248 km

World-known early Christian Euphrasian Basilica in Porec is a unique sample of the Byzantine art. Basilica was built in the middle of 6th century on the stony foundation of the earlier St. Mavr church, which was built in the beginning of the 4th century. Euphrasian Basilica mosaic, which is an incredibly beautiful re-surgent picture, brought global fame to Porec. After the earthquake in the middle of 15th century Euphrasian Basilica was destroyed. In the 18th century Basilica was reconstructed. And only in the 20th century Euphrasian Basilica got its original appearance.

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Brijuni national nature park of Croatia

Sightseeing of Croatia Brijuni national nature park of Croatia
Distance to Pula 10 km

Situated on the 14 islands national nature park of Croatia Brijuni is a spot where one can find luxury and natural rest and natural-historical memorial. The traces of pioneer settlements of people on the islands are dated as 3000 BC, so they refer to the Bronze Age epoch. Due to unforgettable landscapes, fanciful coastline, the richest history of the islands, flora and fauna variety Brijuni is often called heaven on earth.

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City Rovinj – small “Croatian Venice”

Sightseeing of Croatia Rovinj Croatia
Distance to Pula 40 km

Rovinj is one of the most mysterious, romantic and mind-bending cities of Croatia. It is not for nothing that Rovinj is one of the best sightseeing of Croatia.

Rovinj rising just from the water is inimitable and unique. Each epoch in a long history of Rovinj left its trace on the architectural town image. Uniqueness of Rovinj is in the harmony of styles from different epochs such as Gothic, Revival style, Baroque and Neo-classicism.

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Limski channel or Fiord Lim

Sightseeing of Croatia Limski channel Fiord Lim
Distance to Pula 45 km
Distance to Rovinj 9 km

Distance to Zagreb 252 km

Limski channel or Fiord Lim is a natural phenomenon, formed in the Ice Age. Limsky channel is the most beautiful narrow sea gulf of Istrian Peninsula, which protrudes into the coastline and is surrounded by picturesque green landscape. Limski channel is a part of the Limski gorge, which is 35 km long and spreading from coastline almost to the middle of Istria Peninsula between cities Rovinj and Vrsar. Total length of the channel is more than 10 km, width in the widest part of the channel reaches to 600 m and the depth is up to 30 m. Limski channel was formed as a result of rocks degradation by the river Pazinchitca, which is now a stream. The water in Limski channel is light-salted, because of variety of influent supplies of fresh water, located on the bottom and in surrounding mountains. There are farms culturing mussels, oysters, rockfish and sea breams. Along the channel shore there is a great amount of viewing points with splendid views.

Herbal Park Histria Aromatica

Sightseeing of Croatia Herbal Park Histria Aromatica
13 km southeast of city Rovinj

Herbal Park Histria Aromatica – this unique natural park on a small hill near Bale. Covering an area of ​​25 hectares, the diversity of the Istrian Flora is presented: fig and olive trees, vines, and above all the 300 different aromatic fragrant herb plants provide a very special atmosphere. A walk through the terraced flowerbeds and herbal fields enchants all senses: breathe captivating scents, look across the gorgeous, green hills and the sea with the Brijuni islands, listen to the chirping of crickets and the waving leaves in the wind, swipe over the herbs and enjoy tasty delights in the cafe-restaurant. Take a piece of nature home with you: in the shop you get various beauty and wellness products, as well as teas and dried herbs. Entrance ticket to Park Histria 60 kunas (about 7,6 euros). Working time from 9:00 to 19:00 daily

Hum is the smallest city in the world

Sightseeing of Croatia Hum the smallest city in the world
Distance to Pula 80 km

Hum is the smallest city in the world, which is situated in Istrian Peninsula in Croatia. Hum is entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest city in the world. Only 17 people live in this city. Hum is a city-castle, situated on the top of the hill, which is 349m high. Frescos dated back to the second part of the 12 century are perfectly remained in Hum. Walking along old-fashioned paved streets of an ancient city of Hum, you can feel what Eternity is.

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Baredine cave

Sightseeing of Croatia Baredine cave
Distance to Pula 72 km
Distance to Rovinj 52 km

Distance to Zagreb 242 km

Baredine is a cave not far from village Nova Vas near Porec city of Istrian Peninsula. The depth of the cave Beredine is up to 66 m. Baredine is especially popular because of unusual forms of numerous stalactites and stalagmites in five cove halls. Many of them have their own titles and history.

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Truffles of Istria festival – Istrian Days of Zigante Truffles

Truffles of Istria festival – Istrian Days of Zigante Truffles
Distance to Porec 30 km
Distance to Rovinj 48 km

Distance to Zagreb 272 km

A popular traditional festival-fair-tasting of the famous Truffles of Istria – Days of Zigante truffles – takes place every autumn in Livade town, near Motovun town of Istria peninsule.
Livade town is the well-known truffles centre of famous white and the black truffles of Istria.

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Lungomare embankment in Opatija

Sightseeing of Croatia Opatija Lungomare embankment
Distance to Pula 101 km
Distance to Zagreb 176 km

Lungomare embankment of Opatija has its history from the 19th century. An incredible embankment spreads for 12 km. And it is the resort and entertainment center of Opatija. Opatija became famous as a resort for grand people of Austro-Hungarian Empire. The members of royal family and many famous people such as Emperor of Germany Wilhelm II, Franz Josef I, Gustaf Maler, Isadora Duncan, Anton Chekhov, Re-marque and many others used to walk and rest here.

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Fortress Trsat in Rijeka

Sightseeing of Croatia Fortress Trsat Rijeka Croatia
Distance to Pula 117 km
Distance to center Rijeka 5 km

Fortress Trsat is the only fortress which is in the best state of preservation in Croatia and the Adriatic.

In the past it used to be the most important fortification structure, which guarded the entrance of ships into the continent on the river Rijecina from the 138m point above sea level. Fortress Trsat was built in the XIII century and belonged to the Dukes of Krk, or Frankopan.

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The 45th parallel – middle between the Equator and the North Pole

Where passes the 45th parallel cross Croatia?
Distance to Pula 117 km
Distance to center Rijeka 5 km

In next to the enter to the Senj city in Croatia, where situated the Fortress Trsat,
located the Sunčanik sculpture is placed where passes the 45th parallel,
and it marks an exact place in between the Equator and the North Pole.

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National park Risnjak

Sightseeing of Croatia National natural park Risnjak Croatia
Distance to Pula 158 km
Distance to Zagreb 160 km

The natural park Risnjak is one of 8 national natural parks of Croatia.

Risnjak is mountain massif located in Gorski Kotar, which is covered by thick centurial forests. Nature study in the surroundings of the mountain Great Risnyak began in 19th century. Gorski Kotar is famous for its unique nature and ski resorts of Croatia.

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The fortress Nehaj of Sinj

Sightseeing of Croatia fortress Nehaj Sinj CroatiaDistance to Pula 172 km
Distance to Zagreb 161 km

The fortress Nehaj is situated on the coastline near the city Sinj. It was built in 1558 on the hill to protect the territories from Turkish and Venetian invasions. The fortress is perfectly saved up to our time. The fortress Nehaj is rectangular in shape and oriented to all cardinal directions. The height of fortress walls is 18 m, and the width is 23 m. There is a wonderful museum in the fortress Nehaj. The fortress is open for visiting by tourists. There is an unforgettable view of the coastline from the fortress walls.

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National park Northern Velebit

Sightseeing of Croatia National natural park Northern Velebit Croatia
Distance to Pula 222 km
Distance to Zagreb 191 km

National natural park Northern Velebit includes the biggest part of the largest mountain massif Velebit in Croatia. There is the Botanic Garden with rare plants. The top of the mountain massif has a special characteristic: there are two rows of the mountain peaks from 1500 to 1676 m high. There is a route mapped for alpinists and nature lovers. One of the sightseeing of the Northern Velebit Park is the cave Lukina Yama (Hole), which is the deepest cave in Croatia and one of the deepest ten caves in the world.

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Zagreb – the capital of Croatia

Sightseeing of Croatia Zagreb capital of CroatiaDistance to Pula 268 km
Distance to Split 370 km

Zagreb is a unique place because of the different epochs history combination. In the historical center of Zagreb you can find medieval Gornj Grand and architectural monuments of Donj Grad built in 19th century.

Zagreb is the oldest city in Europe. We first heard of Zagreb in 1093. Zagreb is a capital of Croatia and at the same time a modern European city.

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Plitvice Lakes national nature park

Plitvice lakes national nature park What to see in Croatia
Distance from Split 276 km
Distance from Zagreb 137 km

Plitvice lakes are an oasis of virgin nature surrounded by mountains covered in thick forests. There are 16 beautiful lakes with transparent blue-green water here. Rivulets and springs constantly fill the lakes, which are connected with foamy cascades and roaring waterfalls.

Plitvice lakes fot the status of a national park in 1949. The nature park Plitvice lakes is one of the most beautiful sights of Europe.

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Barac caves / Baraceve spilje

Baraceve caves What to see in Croatia
Distance from Zadar 154 km
Distance from Zagreb 123 km

Baraceve caves are located 6 km to the east of the town of Rakovica (not far from the A1 Zagreb-Split highway).

Baraceve caves are karst caves, their total length is 27 km. They were first mentioned in 1874.
In April 2004 the caves were reopened for general public, 112 years later.

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Vransko Lake (Vransko Jezero) on island Cres

Sightseeing of Croatia Vransko Lake Vransko Jezero island Cres

Vransko Jezero is situated in the center of Cres island near the village Vrana. And it impresses by its unique natural beauty. Vransko Jezero is the biggest lake in Croatia, its square is 30,7 km2.

Vransko Jezero is freshwater and its depth is 70 m. Freshwater fish and numerous birds such as herons and wild ducks inhabit near Vransko Jezero.

That’s why it is a heaven for ornithologists. Vransko Jezero was announced as a natural park of Croatia.

The fortress Groznjan

Sightseeing of Istria Croatia fortress Groznjan