Active, fun, beautiful… new rafting & kayaking – near the Zagreb

Rafting & kayaking near Zagreb

On the banks of Kupa river, 40 km from Karlovac city and 87 km from Zagreb, a new entertainment for lovers of active water recreation in nature – rafting & kayaking Aquadventure.

Severin on Kupa is located on the very heart of the pure and most picturesque massif of Gorski Kotar. The canyon of the Kupa river is a beautiful idyllic place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. … read more

Novigrad na Dobri old town + stone bridge + river swimming ;)

Novigrad na Dobri old town

Novigrad na Dobri is an old town-fortress is first mentioned in various medias in 1193.
For a long time fortress was property of Frankopan family which was one of the richest and most influential at the time.

It is located just 17 km from Karlovac city and just 64 km from Zagreb capital.

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“Old school” / “Stara škola” is a restaurant of traditional Zagorje cuisine

Wine- Gastro- tour of continental Croatia

“Old school” / “Stara škola” is a restaurant of traditional cuisine located in a reconstructed building of an old school in the heart of Zagorje, surrounded by peaceful picturesque hills.

The restaurant’s home cooking and cozy peaceful atmosphere will allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle of weekdays and return to the past.

The restaurant offers gourmet traditional Zagorje cuisine: strukli, pumpkin soup, meat dishes stewed in an outdoor oven.
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Zelingrad medieval old town – 49 km from Zagreb

Zelingrad medieval old town

Zelingrad medieval old town has for a long time been one of the most important stone fortresses around Zagreb.
The city is located 49 km from Zagreb city and in 51 km from Varazdin, and in 58 km from Samobor.

The first mention of Zelingrad dates back to 1295, it is believed that the was found after the invasion of the Tatars in 1242.

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Ruins of Bisag Castle – 46 km from Zagreb

Ruins of Bisag Castle

Ruins of Bisag Castle belong to the 14th century. The castle life back then was full of events!

Looking at what remains from it today, it’s hard to imagine that this building has once had four round towers – a tower in each corner – and one rectangular, right in the middle. The castle was also surrounded with a moat with water, and it was only possible to get inside by a bridge.

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Ruins of Grebengrad – 65 km from Zagreb

Ruins of Grebengrad

At first glance, Ruins of Grebengrad doesn’t really make an impression of something extraordinary. The ruins – that were once a city-fortress – are thoroughly destroyed and are overgrown with the tall grass and bushes. After taking a closer look, however, one starts to notice that here and there in the forest there are the remains of a single once gigantic building.

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Ruins of Canjevo fortress – 60 km from Zagreb

Ruins of Canjevo fortress

Ruins of Canjevo fortress is located in 60 km from Zagreb city and in 36 km from Varazdin city.

There is very little information about the fortress in historical writings. The first mentionings of the settlement from around the place where the fortress is built belong to a period in between 3400 to 2500 BC.

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Vuglec Breg hotel & restaurant – Paradise for soul and body – 54 km from Zagreb

Vuglec Breg pension & restaurant

An unique place for the soul relaxation and the gastronomical pleasures – hotel-pension and restaurant “Vuglec Breg” in 54 km from the Zagreb city.

The pension is located among the picturesque hills and “gingerbread” houses of the Zagorje, in the quietness, disturbed only by the birds’ singing.

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Karlovac city – 53 km from Zagreb

Karlovac city

One of the most ancient and one of the most beautiful city of Croatia – Karlovac – was founded in the 16th century, and today it is the administrative centre of the Karlovac region of Croatia.

The population of the town of Karlovac is 49 082 people. Karlovac is conveniently located at the intersection of major highways of Zagreb city and Rijeka city, just 56 km from Zagreb capital.

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Restaurant “Gresna gorica” Zagorje – 67 km from Zagreb

Restaurant "Gresne gorice" Zagorje

Nearby the Veliki Tabor castle, lies one of the best traditional Croatian Zagorje cuisine restaurant – restaurant “Gresna Gorica”.

Located among the vineyards and the picturesque rural surroundings, restaurant “Gresna Gorica” invites to try the best traditional meals of Zagorje.

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Thermal clinics and treatment in Croatia

Thermal clinics and treatment in Croatia

Increasingly Croatia is becoming a popular place for health tourism.

In Croatia, there are several thermal clinics and treatment with natural thermal water from thermal springs, with a unique chemical composition, is used. Thermal clinics in Croatia are modernly equipped, with professional qualified staff, and are open throughout the year.

Arthritis, osteoporosis, psoriasis, varicose veins, problems with the central and peripheral nervous system, diseases of the digestive system, diabetes mellitus, various skin diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, preventive treatment of sports injuries, postoperative rehabilitation – here is an incomplete list of diseases that are treated in the thermal clinics of Croatia.

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Aqua Park Life Class Terme Sveti Martin – 113 km from Zagreb

Life Class Terme Sveti Martin

Aqua Park Sveti Martin is 2 600 sq.meters of water surface. The aquapark offers wide choice of activities for all ages guests.

In Aqua Park Life Class Sveti Martin there is large recreational pool,  pool with water slides, body slide, rafting slide, black hole, two whirlpools on artificial islands, kamikaze, aqua bar, water trail for three persons, for children – shallow paddling pool with a sandy beach.

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Water Park Terme Jezercica – 40 km from Zagreb

Terme Jezercica aquapark

Water Park Terme Jezercica consists of 8 pools with thermal water and is suited for all ages.

Thermal water temperature of 38 degrees. The thermal water contains a number of different ions and is considered medicinal mineral water. The optimum temperature and chemical composition enable the the thermo-mineral water in rehabilitation or recreation.

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