Aqua park “Water Planet” in Tuheljske Toplice – 57 km from Zagreb

Aqua park "Water Planet" in Tuheljske Toplice

Water Planet / Vodni Planet is the largest water park in Croatia. The park has 8 indoor and outdoor pools, more than 5000 sq. metres of water surface.

Aqua park Water Planet has thermal water in all its pools.

For its guests the park offer modern Hotel Well 4* and Hostel Vila next to Aqua Park and  Wellness&SPA with thermal water.

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Medvednica park & fortress of Medvedgrad – 10 km from Zagreb

Medvednica park & fortress of Medvedgrad

Medvednica is a mountain range, a favoured spot for the citizens of Zagreb city to have a rest.

The central part of the forest-covered mountain, thanks to its many well-equipped roads, tourist lodges, historical monuments and recreational elements, gives the impression of a spacious city park. When you walk along the interesting trails, you can see about a thousand species of plants, listen to the singing of about a hundred kinds of birds and meet different insects and animals. A walk in the forest normalises your life balance.

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