White truffle of Istria recognized delicacy

White truffle of Istria

White truffle of Istria is an internationally recognized delicacy and an integral part of gourmet cuisine.

Truffle is strong-smelling underground fungus that resembles an irregular, rough-skinned potato, growing chiefly in broadleaved woodland on calcareous soils. It is one of the rarest delicacies in the world. You guessed it right, Istria is also famous for truffles of the highest quality and especially white truffles. … read more

Pashki cheese / Paški sir – delicacies of Croatia

Pashki cheese / Paški sir

Paški sir / Pashki cheese is the hard sheep milk cheese, with the olive oil added to it. The name of the cheese comes from the name of the island Pag – where it is made.

Pashki cheese is known as “The King of the Croatian cheeses” – it has become famous far away from Croatia. This cheese is the multifold international competitions and the exhibitions prize-winner.

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“Old school” / “Stara škola” is a restaurant of traditional Zagorje cuisine

Wine- Gastro- tour of continental Croatia

“Old school” / “Stara škola” is a restaurant of traditional cuisine located in a reconstructed building of an old school in the heart of Zagorje, surrounded by peaceful picturesque hills.

The restaurant’s home cooking and cozy peaceful atmosphere will allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle of weekdays and return to the past.

The restaurant offers gourmet traditional Zagorje cuisine: strukli, pumpkin soup, meat dishes stewed in an outdoor oven.
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Vuglec Breg hotel & restaurant – Paradise for soul and body – 54 km from Zagreb

Vuglec Breg pension & restaurant

An unique place for the soul relaxation and the gastronomical pleasures – hotel-pension and restaurant “Vuglec Breg” in 54 km from the Zagreb city.

The pension is located among the picturesque hills and “gingerbread” houses of the Zagorje, in the quietness, disturbed only by the birds’ singing.

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Restaurant “Gresna gorica” Zagorje – 67 km from Zagreb

Restaurant "Gresne gorice" Zagorje

Nearby the Veliki Tabor castle, lies one of the best traditional Croatian Zagorje cuisine restaurant – restaurant “Gresna Gorica”.

Located among the vineyards and the picturesque rural surroundings, restaurant “Gresna Gorica” invites to try the best traditional meals of Zagorje.

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Oyster farm in Ston

Oyster farm in Ston

Distance to Dubrovnik 54 km
Distance to Split 171 km

A famous oyster farm is located in Ston.

The oysters in Ston of Dubrovnik are considered to be of the highest quality in the world. Most of the oysters is used to supply the markets and restaurants of Italy and France.
A number of restaurants specialising in oyster dishes are located here, and anyone can try these elite oysters at the low local prices. You can visit the oyster farm with an excursion.

Mediterranean cuisine of Croatia

Mediterranean cuisine of Croatia

Croatian cuisine is tasty, healthy and fascinatingly varied, as it combines two culinary traditions — Mediterranean, based on seafood, and central European, with its simple but nutritious schnitzels and strudels.

Moreover, Croatia was lucky with its nature. Its very clean sea provides Croatian dinner tables with mussels, oysters, shrimps, cancers, and different kinds of fish.

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