Active, fun, beautiful… new rafting & kayaking – near the Zagreb

Rafting & kayaking near Zagreb

On the banks of Kupa river, 40 km from Karlovac city and 87 km from Zagreb, a new entertainment for lovers of active water recreation in nature – rafting & kayaking Aquadventure.

Severin on Kupa is located on the very heart of the pure and most picturesque massif of Gorski Kotar. The canyon of the Kupa river is a beautiful idyllic place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. … read more

Novigrad na Dobri old town + stone bridge + river swimming ;)

Novigrad na Dobri old town

Novigrad na Dobri is an old town-fortress is first mentioned in various medias in 1193.
For a long time fortress was property of Frankopan family which was one of the richest and most influential at the time.

It is located just 17 km from Karlovac city and just 64 km from Zagreb capital.

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Karlovac city – 53 km from Zagreb

Karlovac city

One of the most ancient and one of the most beautiful city of Croatia – Karlovac – was founded in the 16th century, and today it is the administrative centre of the Karlovac region of Croatia.

The population of the town of Karlovac is 49 082 people. Karlovac is conveniently located at the intersection of major highways of Zagreb city and Rijeka city, just 56 km from Zagreb capital.

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