What to See in Croatia: The Best Places to Visit

what to see in croatia

what to see in croatia

Wondering what to see in Croatia? Croatia is simply a wonderful country that boasts numerous natural beauties and culturally historical monuments. In all parts of Croatia, you can visit so many places that will fascinate you, from Dalmatia and Istria all the way to Slavonia, Zagorje or Gorski Kotar.

It is difficult to single out what to see in Croatia because there are so many beautiful places, but this time we decided to present you our 7 favorites that you definitely have to visit at least once in your life. And even if you have visited one of these sites before, they are so spectacular that they will delight you again.

All sorts of unique things can be found in such a small country as Croatia, from lovely islands, vineyards, cities, across the mountains to impressive national and nature parks.
On such a small surface there is a large number of attractions, so everyone can find something for themselves.
So, let’s start our online tour with the Croatian southern pearl.


1. Dubrovnik

It was the 19th century when the famous Bernard Shaw said, “Whoever seeks paradise on earth should visit Dubrovnik!” Dubrovnik is without a doubt one of the most popular destinations in the entire Adriatic and a place that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The city center is dominated by Stradun, the most famous and beautiful Dubrovnik street. With a length of 300 meters and marble pavement, Stradun connects the east and west city gates, with significant historic sites, museums, squares, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants on both sides.

If you ask any Croat or even a foreigner what to see in Croatia, 80% of them will tell you – Dubrovnik City Walls!
You can’t leave this wonderful town unless you have walked through the walls of Dubrovnik where you will experience the deep history and enjoy the amazing view which gonna leave you breathless.

2. Hvar

One of the most magical islands in the world is undoubtedly the island of Hvar. It is recognizable today by a large number of monuments from the Venetian era, purple lavender fields which may be the best souvenir you can take home, as well as a beautiful Renaissance port with boats.

Hvar will be enjoyed by all generations. The island has interesting cultural content, natural resources and fantastic nightlife.

With over 2700 sunny hours during the year, Hvar has a title of the sunniest Croatian island and here is also one more interesting fact about this unique island – there is a rule that tourists in hotels pay half the price if it rains all day, and pay nothing if it snows.


3. Split

Another must-visit place on your “What to see in Croatia” list has to be the city of Split. It is a town full of historical monuments, museums, art galleries as well as nature parks.
It’s big enough that you never get bored in it, and at the same time, so small that everything is at your fingertips.

As probably the biggest attraction of Split, stands out UNESCO cultural heritage, the Diocletian’s Palace, a 1,700-year-old Roman edifice located in the heart of the city.


4. Zadar

Starting from the Forum, the Rector’s Palace, the City Square, all the way to the old port of Foša, we dare to say that Zadar is one of the richest cities on the Croatian coast.
The most unusual attraction of the city would probably be the Sea Organ. Located on the western part of the „Riva“, these organ are recognizable for playing special music whenever waves appear.

Nearby, there is another unusual attraction, Greetings to the Sun, an object that works on the principle of solar energy. During the day, the sun fills the solar panels beneath the structure itself, and what is interesting is that those two objects are completely bound together, so that sound coming from the organ is being transmitted to this object, causing the colors to change.


5. Brač

If you like islands, but Hvar isn’t your type of destination and you still don’t know what to see in Croatia, it’s time to introduce you to an island that will leave you speechless and make you fall in love with it at first sight – a wonderful island of Brač.

There is a 530 meters long beach on the island, known as one of the most famous beaches on the Adriatic, and its beautiful white sand and turquoise clear blue sea will remind you of the exotic beaches of the Caribbean.

Brač is also a great place to spend your holidays with your family, as it offers a great variety of activities for all ages. It will be especially interesting to children because of different water sports available such as jet-skiing, banana riding, trampoline and sailing.
There are two places on the island of Brač – Supetar and Bol. Believe us, you should visit both!


6. Opatija

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget wonderful Istria, so we decided to single out a unique Opatija for its representative.

Opatija is a very nice place, which besides amazing beaches and restaurants with traditional Medditerean food also offers many interesting places to visit like Church of St. Jacob, a girl with a seagull, Croatian Museum of Tourism, Villa Angiolina as well as many walking trails surrounded by breathtaking green oasis and crystal clear Adriatic sea.


7. Zagreb

When it comes to what to see in Croatia, we simply have to mention the capital of the country, which is often neglected on the list of tourists who rather prefer the coast, sun and the sea.
Slowly but surely, Zagreb has become one of the most visited destinations in this part of Europe.

You should definitely visit the beautiful Zagreb Cathedral, the Church of St. Marko, Botanical Gardens, Stone Gate, HNK, and peek into some great museums such as Mimara or the unusual Museum of Broken Relationships, with many interesting stories about relationships that just didn’t work.

Zagreb is trully special in winter, during the Advent, which has been proclaimed the best Advent in Europe for several years in a row. Incredible Christmas magic and atmosphere, much reminiscent of “Home Alone” movie are something you absolutely must experience.


8. Croatian places that gonna win your heart

It was really hard to write a text about what to see in Croatia because we had to leave out so many wonderful locations. If we wanted to write about every place, this would have become a book with over a thousand pages.

For this reason, we have chosen these seven destinations, but we also heartily recommend to visit golden Slavonia, beautiful Varaždin, Osijek, Vukovar, greenery Gorski Kotar, Delnice, the rest of charming Istria, Rovinj, Pula, smaller Dalmatian towns such as Trogir or Šibenik, many islands like Krk and Korčula and unique national and nature parks that will enchant you with the beauty of untouched nature.

We promise you will enjoy your stay in every part of Croatia!