Thermal clinics and treatment in Croatia

Increasingly Croatia is becoming a popular place for health tourism.

In Croatia, there are several thermal clinics and treatment with natural thermal water from thermal springs, with a unique chemical composition, is used. Thermal clinics in Croatia are modernly equipped, with professional qualified staff, and are open throughout the year.

Arthritis, osteoporosis, psoriasis, varicose veins, problems with the central and peripheral nervous system, diseases of the digestive system, diabetes mellitus, various skin diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, preventive treatment of sports injuries, postoperative rehabilitation – here is an incomplete list of diseases that are treated in the thermal clinics of Croatia.

Thermal clinics in Croatia

In Croatia there are several thermal clinics:

    • Naftalan
    • Varazdinske toplice
    • Daruvarske toplice
    • Bizovacke toplice
    • Istarske toplice
    • Biokovka
    • Krapinske toplice
    • Stubicke toplice
    • Сельце термальный курорт / Selce thermal clinic

Naftalan – sanatorium for medical rehabilitation

Indications for treatment: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, scleroderma, burns;
Diseases of musculoskeletal system: rheumatic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, Bekhterev disease, degenerative lesion of joints and the vertebral column, joint rheumatism; Vascular diseases: Burger-Raynaud disease;


diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system: polyneuropathy, pareses, radiculopathy;
Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system after injuries and surgery; burns.



The high-temperature thermal mineral water from the spring located near the Naftalan sanatorium at the depth of 1,300m contains bromine, iodine, chlorine and sodium.

Its overall mineralization comes up to 15035.5 mg/l. This salty water is a remnant of the ancient Panon Sea. It has a specific smell of oil and petroleum products.

This water has a potent natural remedy with positive therapeutic effect on heath. Its balneology effect is stipulated by high temperature and the presence of NaCl (1,73%).


Naftalan – a modern balneo treatment resort 27 km from the capital of Croatia – Zagreb city, opened in 1989, is famous of Naphthalan, natural mineral oil, is a natural therapeutic agent, thermomineral water is acquired from the depth of 1300 metres.

Official web of Naftalan hospital

Varazdinske Toplice

Varazdinske Toplice conditions and post-traumatic defects of the spine, joints, neurological disorders, orthopedic disorders, rheumatoid diseases, post-operational rehabilitation, rehabilitation of sportsmen. The diseases of the digestive system, diabetes mellitus. Logopedia.

Toplice Croatia, thermal clinics Croatia

The Varazdinske Toplice is a balneo-mud resort of the continental part of Croatia located some 200 m high, 68 km to the north-east of the capital city Zagreb and 12 km to the south-east of the town of Varazdin. It is located in the valley of the river Bednja, and on the slopes of the Toplice highland.

The thermal waters of the Varazdin toplice were known in ancient times as Aquae Iasae thermal baths, and in the 4th century they were restored by the Roman emperor Constantine. Their waters are compared with the waters of Baden-Baden by Vienna. Since 1838, the treatment at the resort has been conducted under a constant supervision of doctors.

Nowadays, Varazdinsky toplice is a modern rehabilitation centre with 1100 places and divided into five joined buildings — “Minerva”, “Stari grad”, “Konstantinov dom”, “Lovrina kupelj”, “Terme”. In the centre, there work medical specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, professional nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapy specialists, psychologists, special-needs experts, medical staff of different specialisations. The centre professionally collaborates with the scientists of the University clinic and other clinics of Zagreb city.

Entertainment for guests: an indoor swimming-pool, an outdoor water park with an Olympic-size swimming-pool, water rides, a football pitch, a volleyball pitch, a basketball court, tennis courts, tennis tables, mini-golf, and a gym.

There are also recreational programs, guided visits to the resort`s archeological excavation sites, guided tours to the palaces of the Croatian Zagorje – Trakošćan and Marusevac, Kostel, Marija Bistrica, and Ludberg.

The ancient town of Varazdin, located within 12 km of the resort, can offer a view of the Old Town with its castle, the Town Hall (late 16th century), palaces (17th-19th centuries), and many buildings in the Baroque and Classicism style. Varadzin is often referred to as the town of Baroque, flowers and music.

Official web of Varazdinske Toplice resort

Daruvarske Toplice

Treatment of cardiovascular and respiratory conditions; strengthening of musculoskeletal system; physiotherapy; special dieting programs

Daruvarske Toplice thermal clinics Croatia

Daruvarske Toplice is a balneo-mud and climatic resort in the continental Croatia (West Slavonia), 134 km southeast of Zagreb city and within 160 km from Osijek city. The resort is located at the foot of the Papuk Mountains, 156m above the sea level in the Toplica River valley. The resort dates back to the ancient times, when it was called Aquae Balissae.

Nowadays, it is a modern resort specialising in treatment of rheumatic and gynecological conditions. In addition to natural factors (thermal waters and mineral muds), the resort offers modern therapy, examination and advisory sessions by medical specialists, physical therapy, massage, manual therapy, remedial gymnastics in the swimming pool and gym, and terrainkur.

Entertainment for guests: Fisherman`s House with a spectacular view of the oldest Croatian fish farms and the famous Daruvar vineyards.

There are also varied sporting and recreational sites:

a modern gym, an indoor and an outdoor swimming pools with thermal water, a fitness center, four bowling alleys, a sauna, massage, a Jakuzzi, a tennis court, mini-golf, walking paths, a football pitch, facilities for beach volleyball, and cycle paths. Sport fishing and hunting for small game can also be arranged. Guests can enjoy walks through the park and the sylvan park, and also hiking tours to the nearest mountains.

Official web of Daruvarske Toplice resort

Bizovacke toplice

The resort specializes in diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system (orthopaedy and rehabilitation after injuries, chronic rheumatism, inflammatory rheumatism (remission), recovery after sporting injuries), injuries of the brain, the spinal cord, and the peripheral blood vessels.

It also offers medical care for other neurology conditions: multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy, and also for psoriasis.

Bizovacke toplice thermal clinics Croatia

Bizovacke Toplice is a balneal and therapeutic resort in the continental Croatia. It is located 20 km west of Osijek, the major city of Slavonia. In 1967, a search for oil in this area resulted in the discovery of a thermal spring. The discovery was a source of the multiple legends claiming that the Panos Sea, which had disappeared in the entrails of the earth thousands of years before, was found at the depth of 1830m.

The Bizovacke spring is the hottest in Europe, with its temperature reaching 96°С. The first swimming pool was built here in 1974, then hotels followed, and a rehabilitation clinic was opened in 1990.

The Bizovačke clinic is well-equipped. The clinic offers hydrotherapy (swimming pools with thermal and fresh water), kinesiotherapy (individual and group sessions), press therapy, thermal manipulations (paraffin, sunlamps), electricity-based manipulations (dry halvanization, jet douche, TENS therapy, electric stimulation, laser, magnetic therapy, ultrasound). Besides, the resort provides manual therapy, massage, underwater massage, and labor therapy.

The thermal mineral waters of Bizovač contain iodine. Thermal waters of this content are very rare in the world.
Bizovacke toplice thermal clinics Croatia

Contra-indications for thermal water treatment are non-specific and analogous to those for physical manipulations: heart conditions, fatigue, etc.

Entertainment for guests: the multi-purpose water complex Aquapolis is adjacent to the clinic. It contains nine swimming pools of various sizes and purposes, and also several water attractions, such as a musical cave, Jacuzzi, a whirlpool, a 112 m water slope, water mushrooms, a pool for swimmers, a children`s pool, and a semi-Olympic swimming pool. The complex also has tennis courts, two football pitches (one large and one small), a basketball and volleyball pitch, handball, and a playground for children.

Official web of Bizovacke Toplice

Tuheljske Toplice

Indications: arthritis, respiratory disorders, gynecological conditions, radiculitis, neuralgia.

The clinic is located 46 km north of Zagreb city and 168m above the sea level.


Tuheljske Toplice is a famous spa and therapeutic resort. It was first mentioned in chronicles of the Roman Empire and was referred to as a “the smelly spa” due to a specific hydrogen sulphide smell about the place.

The temperature of water in the springs is 32,5, which allows guests to swim in both indoor and outdoor pools all the year round.

Terme Tuhelj Hotel Well 4* Tuhelj

Hotel Well Terme Tuhelj Zagorje Croatia
VERY GOOD rating 8.2 / 10
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Distance to Tuhelj:
Distance to Zagreb: 40 km
Add: hotel is located near a spring of thermal water Terme Tuhelj, free access to indoor & outdoor swimming pools, fitness centre, aqua aerobic, aqua stretching classes. The large spa area includes 4 Finnish saunas, 3 steam saunas, a hot tub, relaxation room with water beds and many more facilities. SpaeVita centre offers you a wide range of massages & more. For guests hiking tours, morning gymnastics. Healthy snacks and drinks can be enjoyed in the wellness bar.
Cost room 2 per: from 194 euro

Photo and description of  Hotel Well 4* Terme Tuhelj

Hostel Vila Terme Tuhelj 3* Tuhelj

Hostel Vila Terme Tuhelj Zagorje Croatia
GOOD rating 7.4 / 10
Review score based on 18 reviews
Distance to Tuheljske Toplice: 250 meters
Distance to Zagreb: 32 km
Add: situated in Tuheljske Toplice, offering an outdoor pool and SPA centre, there is a 24-hour front desk, a cash machine, hairdresser’s, gift shop. Bike hire is available at the hostel, this area is popular for cycling. Rogaška Slatina of Slovenia is 32 km.
Cost for 1 person in 6-bed room: from 15 euro

Photo and description Hostel Vila Terme Tuhelj 3* Tuhelj

Official web of Tuheljske Toplice resort

Istarske Toplice

The resort specializes in treatment of chronic rheumatic diseases, degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin conditions (psoriasis, various dermatopathies), diseases of upper respiratory tract, inhalations (sinusitis, laryngitis), gynecology diseases (chronic inflammation and secondary infertility); postoperative conditions of the vertebral column, bones, and joints.

Istarske Toplice thermal clinics Croatia

Contra-indications: malignancies, infectious diseases, heart failure, nervous and psychical disorders.

Istarske Toplice is a balneal mud climatic Mediterranean resort of the dry subtropical area; it is located 17m above the sea level and within 55 km from Rijeka city, the largest city of the Northern Adriatic region, 35 km from the town of Porec city, and 270 km from Zagreb city. The resort is placed in the central part of the Istria Peninsula (a large triangular peninsula between the Triest Gulf and the Kvarnerski Gulf). The resort occupies 30 hectares of land in the picturesque Mirna Valley, not far from the mysterious Motovunska Forest. The resort`s ensign is a huge 85-m rock; hot waters spring at its foot, and the top is crowned with the St. Stephan Church that gave its name to the resort.

The resort`s thermal sulphur waters contain natural radiation and a considerable amount of sodium, calcium, chlorine, and other minerals. The water temperature is 32-34 C, and it contains 623 Bg/L of radiation. This chemical composition has been constant for several years, some deviations being the result of changes in the sediment quantity. Sulphur and natural radiation in the water cause anti-inflammatory effect, relieve pains, enhance blood circulation and metabolism. The water`s exceptional remedial properties have deserved the third place in Europe. Because of high potency of therapeutic effect, baths are recommended for only 30 minutes a day.
Istarske Toplice thermal clinics Croatia

Entertainment for guests: mini-golf, table tennis, handball, mini-football, bowling, cycling, pedestrian walks. The guests can enjoy live concerts and games. Guests of the Istarske resort are invited to guided tours where they can taste local wines, brandy, and truffles (white truffles are found in plenty in the area). Numerous taverns attract their guests by their comfortable fireplace atmosphere and home-made food. The Istria Region is attractive owing to its location at the border with Italy and Slovenia and rich cultural and historical heritage. Because the Istria Peninsula has been governed and inhabited by many nations, its cultural heritage is a melting pot of various styles and, at the same time, it has its unique Istrian air.

Official web of Istarske Toplice resort

Biokovka resort in Makarska

This resort offers treatment for chronic degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, conditions after orthopaedic and neural surgery, rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system after injuries and surgery, inflammatory rheumatism, chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract (chronic bronchitis, asthma), and neural and muscular conditions.

Biokovka Malarska thermal clinics Croatia

The Makarska resort can boast a mild sea climate, picturesque landscapes, and fine pebble beaches, which makes Makarska one of the largest recreational and tourism centres of the country. Its clinic has the cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for hydrotherapy, aerosol therapy, kinesiology, traditional and underwater massage, electrotherapy, fango body wrap, magnetic therapy and inhalation; all the manipulations are supervised by highly qualified staff.

Biokovka is a Croatian climatic sea resort, located 60 km south of Split city on the Dalmatinska Coast of the Adriatic Sea. The Biokovka thalassotherapy centre is located in the pine forest, within a 15-minutes` walk from the town centre, on the slopes of the magnificent Biokovo Mountains – one of the highest Mediterranean mountain ranges (the highest peak Sv Jure is 1762 m tall).

Entertainment for the guests: There are two swimming pools with sea water: the therapeutic pool with the water temperature 26 C, and a sporting pool with the water temperature up to 26 C. There is also a modern fitness centre, a sauna, and a playground. The Biokovka clinic is located close to the sea, within a 15 minutes` walk from the town centre; it is surrounded by a pine wood and has its own beach. In summer, Makarska is a popular venue for many cultural events. Guests will never be bored there.

Official web of Biokovka resort of Makarska

Krapinske Toplice

Krapinske Toplice CroatiaIndications for treatment: rheumatism, conditions of the vertebral column, neuromuscular disorders, diabetes (including complicated forms), treatment of the musculoskeletal system after injuries and surgery (orthopedic, surgical and neurosurgical manipulations), diseases of the heart and peripheral blood vessels, postinfarction rehabilitation. The resort`s mineral water has proved its efficiency in treatment of rheumatism, diseases of the vertebral column, neuromuscular diseases, diabetes that affects joints, post-traumatic conditions before and after orthopedic and surgical treatment, diseases of the heart and peripheral blood vessels; intake of the mineral water improves patients` condition after a myocardial infarction or heart surgery.

Krapinske Toplice is a balneal climatic resort in the continental Croatia, located 155m above the sea level and within 45 km of Zagreb city. The clinic in the beautiful valley, surrounded by a picturesque hill county, has been famous for its healing qualities since 1772. The first pool was built here in the same year. Today, Krapinske Toplice is not only a popular tourist and sporting centre, but also a major rehabilitation centre that combines traditions of resort treatment and modern medical technologies.

Krapinske toplice thermal clinics Croatia

The clinic is the lucky owner of four high-temperature springs with the summary power of 80 l/hour. The spring water temperature is 39-41 C; the water contains calcium, magnesium and hydrogen.

Entertainment for guests: a large sporting and recreational centre, 4 outdoor and 6 indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, a football pitch, basketball and volleyball pitches, table tennis, mini-golf, a playground for children, and a bowling alley. There is also an extensive tourist program, including a tour to Zagreb, the country`s capital and an ancient town over a thousand years old.

Hotel Pension Vuglec Breg 3* Krapina

Hotel Pension Vuglec Breg Krapina Zagorje Croatia
SUPERB rating 9.0 / 10
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Distance to Krapina: 7 km
Distance to Zagreb: 60 km
Add: modern rooms in 4 traditional Zagorje north Croatian cottages, some rooms include large living rooms, fireplace, comfortable sofas and private terrace. There is a terrace, garden, bicycles for rent at the house. For the children offered pony riding. Free parking & Wi-Fi
Cost room 2 per: from 87 euro

Photo and description of Pension Vuglec Breg 3* Krapina

Wellness Hotel Villa Magdalena 4* Krapina

Wellness Hotel Villa Magdalena Krapina Zagorje Croatia
SUPERB rating 9.2 / 10
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Distance to Krapina: 7 km
Distance to Zagreb: 45 km
Add: exclusive 4-star hotel, situated on a picturesque hill in the centre of Krapinske Toplice, which thermal water is ranked sixth best in Europe. The spa includes hot tubs with thermal water, saunas and relaxation area with heated benches. Indoor pool, free parking, free Wi-Fi
Cost room 2 per: from 165 euro

Photo and description of  Wellness Hotel Villa Magdalena 4*

Official web of Krapinske Toplice resort

Stubicke Toplice

Indications for treatment: rheumatism of joints and muscles, discus pathology, rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system after injuries.

The temperature of the spring water is 43 C to 69,5 C. The water is very rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, strontium, barium, manganese, zinc, led, tin monoxide, copper, iodine, nickel, and also sulphates, hydrocarbonates, slilcates etc.

Stubicke Toplice is a balneal climatic resort located in the Hrvatsko Zagorje, 40 km north of Zagreb city and 168m above the sea level.

Terme Jezercica hotel 3* Donja Stubica

Terme Jezercica hotel 3* Donja Stubica ZagorjeVERY GOOD rating 8.4 / 10
Review score based on 107 reviews
Situated in Donja Stubica
Distance to Zagreb: 30 km
Add: situated next to Medvednica Nature Park, hotel offers 5 indoor pools with 2 whirlpool tubs, 3 outdoor pools, 4 Finnish saunas, 1 steam bath and a wellness centre. Its rooms, pools and sauna have access to natural thermal water
Cost room 2 per: from 102 euro

Photo and description of Terme Jezercica hotel 3* Donja Stubica

Terme Selce health and sports center

The Selce thermal clinic in Crikvenica combines conditions of a Mediterranean resort with treatment of diseases of joins and the vertebral column, rehabilitation before and after surgery, sporting injuries, rheumatism and arthritis, neurology diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and therapeutic program for weight loss.

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Official web of Selce thermal clinic