Trains to Croatia

Railway connections connect Zagreb city with the other cities – Milan, Venice, Trieste, Munich and Leipzig, Vienna and Salzburg.

All of these cities are part of the Europe-wide railway system.

Train Croatia

You can get to Croatia from the other European countries – Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia and Montenegro, but with one or more transfers.

Croatia has direct international connections with Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and Slovenia.

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Croatia is integrated into such European railways as Eurocity (EC), Intercity (IC) and Euronight (EN)

Trains Eurocity (EC) to Zagreb:

– ЕС “Mimara”: Zagreb – Villach – Frankfurt – Zagreb;

– ЕC “Croatia”: Zagreb – Vienna – Zagreb (via Slovenia);

Trains Euronight (EN):

– EN “Venice”: Venice – Zagreb – Budapest (Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest) – Venice;

Trains Intercity (IC):

– IC “Zagreb”: Zagreb – Vienna (via Hungary) – Zagreb;

– IC “Sava”: Belgrade – Zagreb – Villach – Munich – Belgrade;

– IC “Kvarner”: Zagreb – Budapest – Zagreb;

– IC “Drava”: Budapest – Osijek – Sarajevo – Budapest.

Fast trains Croatia:

– “Lisinskj”: Zagreb – Munich – Zagreb (night train);

– “Maestral”: Zagreb – Budapest – Zagreb (Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg);

– Zagreb – Villach – Zagreb;

– Belgrade – Zagreb – Zurich – Belgrade;

– “Nikola Tesla” in Zagreb – Belgrade – Zagreb;

– Vinkovci – Banja Luka – Vinkovci;

– Zagreb – Sarajevo – Ploce – Zagreb;

– Zagreb – Sarajevo – Zagreb (night train);

– Ploce – Sarajevo – Ploce;

– Villach – Zagreb – Belgrade-Villach (night train);

– “Opatija” Rijeka – Ljubljana – Rijeka (Munich, Vienna);

– “Ljubljana” Rijeka – Ljubljana (Vienna) – Rijeka.

Seasonal trains Croatia:

– Ljubljana – Pula – Ljubljana

– Budapest – Zagreb – Split – Budapest (night train)

– Belgrade – Rijeka – Belgrade (June – September, weekend, overnight train)

– Belgrade – Knin – Split – Belgrade (June – September, weekend, overnight train)

– Prague – Split – Prague

Rail pass options

Eurail Global Pass – from 297 euro – connect Croatia to 27 other Eurail countries

Eurail Select Pass – from 114 euro – connect Croatia and Slovenia to 3 bordering countries

Regional Pass for visiting Croatia and Slovenia plus 1 other country

  • Eurail Austria-Croatia-Slovenia Pass from 139 euro e.g. Vienna & Zagreb & Llubljana
  • Eurail Croatia-Slovenia-Hungary Pass from 139 euro – see 3 countries with one pass
  • Eurail Croatia Pass from 80 euro – tour through Croatia by rail

Official web Eurail Global Pass of

The European railway

Europe has a wide and comfortable rail network.

Web of European railway Eurocity

Inter Rail Global Pass Europe

Croatia is also part of the European system of railway cards called Inter Rail Global Pass Europe.

The European railway IRGP card includes 30 European countries – Austria, Belgium, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

To see the timetable of trains travelling around Europe and book a ticket visit official webs:

➝ Trains in Europe

Croatian railways

The total length of Croatian railways is 2,725 km.

Railways are not the most common way of transportation between the cities of Croatia. In the mountainous part of Croatia railway traffic is particularly problematic, so the most common way of travel is the bus. Any city or settlement can be reached by bus.

All Croatia’s cities, except Dubrovnik city, are connected by Croatia’s internal state railroad.

Railways Croatia
The price of a Zagreb-Split railway (a car with sitting places) ticket is 171,2 kunas. Extra fee for a berth is 111,72 kunas. Also, ICN day express trains travel between Zagreb city and Split city, and the road takes 5,5 hours.

On an INC train, you can get to the capital of Croatia, the city of Zagreb, to Split, and on an IC train you can get from Zagreb to Čakovec.

You can book a railway ticket to Croatia online on official web of Croatian railways

Railway station of Croatia

  • Railway station in Zagreb: 10000 Zagreb Trg kralja Tomislava, 12
  • Railway station in Split: 21000 Split Zlodrina poljana 20
  • Railway station in Ploce: 20340 Ploce Trg kralja Tomislava 19
  • Railway station in Metkovic: 20350 Metkovic Andrije Hebranga bb
  • Railway station in Zadar: 23000 Zadar Ante Starcevica 3
  • Railway station in Sibenik: 22000 Sibenik Fra Jerolima Milete 24
  • Railway station in Knin: 22300 Knin Trg Ante Starcevica, 2
  • Railway station in Rijeka: 51000 Rijeka Trg Kralja Tomislava 1
  • Railway station in Pula: 52100 Pula Kolodvorska 5

Official web of Railways of Croatia

➝ Trains in Europe

Croatia is connected to the countries of Europe via direct railway connections.

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