Trakoscan palace – 80 km from Zagreb

Trakoscan Palace is one of the best-preserved architectural attractions of the Zagorje region. The palace is located in 80 km from the Zagreb city.

Trakoscan Palace is not just a cultural monument of the highest class, but also a beautiful landscape ensemble.

Trakoscan Palace

The palace was founded in 14th century, as a fortress at the top of the cliff, from where opens a view onto all the extraordinary beauty of the surroundings. During the entirety of the 18th century the fortress stayed deserted, after which, in 1850 it was bought by Count Draskovic. Ever since then – for 400 years already – the fortress is owned by this family.

Trakoscan Palace

The palace was originally built in the Neo-Gothic style, according to the projects of the architect from Graz. Some of the elements in its design are especially stylistically defined: the facades, decorated with Gothic ornaments, the roofs of the towers in Baroque style, as well as the drawbridge. Inner decorations of the palace are also distinguished with luxury: there is a knights’ hall with the armor from 18th and 19th centuries, the banners from 18th century, weapons of 15th to 19th centuries, a collection of all sorts of furniture and everyday housewares of 18th to 19th centuries, as well as the gorgeous library and the palace kitchen.

Trakoscan Palace

An unforgettable landscape ensemble of the palace include the lake, the park and the forest. The reflection of a picturesque palace in the lake is a sight of an exceptional beauty. In the park, completed in the classical English style, there is a habitat of many bird species.

There are also a lot of strolling paths around the palace and the lake.

Trakoscan Palace

Currently, there is a working boat station working at the lake, where you can rent a catamaran with leg pedals and explore the nature on the water, or take a sit in the cafe-bistro right at the lake bank.

Trakoscan Palace

In the forest around the palace, it is possible to meet boars, bunnies, foxes, squirrels, martens, and many other wild animals.

For those who want to spend a longer weekends in this wonderful place, there is a hotel in 500 meters from the palace – it’s called Trakoscan 4*. Some of the rooms have a view onto the Palace from their windows, and it’s gorgeous.

Hotel Trakoscan 4* in Trakoscan

Hotel Trakoscan
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Working schedule of the palace

The palace and the park are opened for visitors every day from 10:00 to 18:00

The prices for entrance tickets to the palace

  • adult ticket – 40 HRK, about 5,3 euro
  • kids ticket till 18 years old – 20 HRK, about 2,6 euro

The address of Trakoscan palace

Trakosсan 4, Bednja

Trakoscan palace and park on map of Croatia

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