On the territory of Croatia there are 7 objects found in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Cultural objects of the UNESCO world heritage in Croatia

Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in Porec (1997)

The historic center of Trogir city (1997)

Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian (1979)

Old City of Dubrovnik (1979)

– Stari Grad plain (2008)

Cathedral of St James of Sibenik town (2000)

Natural objects of the UNESCO world heritage in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes national park (1979)

In 1972 UNESCO adopted the Convention purporting to protect the world cultural and natural heritage. Practically every year, the World Heritage Committee holds sessions at which the objects of the programme – natural or man-made – are decided upon.

The main purpose of the UNESCO world heritage list is to make objects unique for mankind famous and protect them. Unique natural and cultural objects give an opportunity to preserve the spots of nature and man-made monuments that demonstrate the richness of nature and the possibilities of human mind.

A range of objects of the world heritage list is now threatened with destruction due to natural or human factors such as earthquakes, armed conflicts, uncontrolled tourism, and others. UNESCO’s aim is to prepare a programme of actions and events to protect the objects so that they can be removed from the list as soon as possible.

By July 1, 2009, there were 890 objects in the world heritage list, 689 cultural ones, 176 natural ones, and 25 objects of mixed type).

The UNESCO world heritage

UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. UNESCO was created on November 16, 1945. The aims of this specialized structure of the UN are not limited to the construction of schools in countries devastated by war, or the publication of scientific discoveries. Through education, science, culture and communication, UNESCO aims for a higher purpose: to engrain in people’s minds the idea of protecting peace.

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