Veternica cave – 10 km from Zagreb

Veternica cave – one of the main attractions of the Medvednica Natural Park – in 10 km from Zagreb city.
The cave is located in the south-west part of the mountain range.

Veternica is a 6th biggest cave in Croatia.

An overall length of the cave is 7128 meters. Only first 380 meters are opened for visitors. Cavers of Zagreb are still studying the Veternica cave, and newly-discovered areas appear every year.

Inside of the cave, one can see the “decorations” – stone “waterfalls” – hundreds of years old stalactites and stalagmites. The most interesting ones of those are lightened and even have names, related to their shapes – for example, The Frog, or The Bear, etc.

Veternica reveals a whole lot of secrets. At different points there were found the remains of the Neanderthals’ ancestors, estimated to be about 42000 years old, or the remains of the soldiers of Roman Empire and Middle-Ages.

Veternica cave

Bats – the special inhabitants of the cave.
There are 18 bat species living in the cave, 12 of which are spending the winter in Veternica cave every year. This is the reason why the cave is closed for visitors during the winter, during the time of winter hibernation of the bats.

Veternica is listed among the geomorphological natural monuments since 1979.

Temperature in the cave makes about 10°C – this temperature preserves for the entire year.

Veternica cave

Photo from Facebook Planinarski Dom Glavica

Working time of the Veternica cave:

The cave is opened for visitors on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (except for the Easter)
from the middle of March and till the end of November
from 10:00 to 16:00
the last group of visitors enters the cave at 15:10

Important note: during an inclement weather the cave might be closed for visitors!

Entrance ticket to the Veternica cave costs:

  • adult ticket – 40 kn (about 5,3 euro)
  • kids ticket – 20 кkn (about 2,6 euro)
  • students and elderly ticket – 30 kn (about 4,0 euro)
  • family ticket – 100 kn (about 13,3 euro)
  • ticket for the Bat Night event – 20 kn (about 2,6 euro)

How get to Veternica cave:

From the mountain house “Glavica” walking path number 3 down to the cave just 5 minutes walk.

Official web of Veternica cave