Water quality on the beaches of Croatia online

Along the coast there are more than a hundred beaches under the Blue Flag. Croatian authorities do their best to make sure that the number of these flags grow.

The Blue Flag is an international award, which has been annually, since 1987, granted to beaches and quays where the water mets the high quality standards and is suitable for safe swimming.

The official site of the international ecological organisation The Blue Flag www.blueflag.org

According to the results of the latest samples taken at 672 beaches of Croatia in 2011, the quality of water in the largest part of the coastline water are of the country was declared excellent. The results of the research were made public by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Water samples are taken every 15 days, a total o 10 times during the bathing suit season — from the middle of May to the end of September. According to the most recent data, the quality of water has been declared to be excellent at 651 beaches (96,6%), good at 12, and satisfactory at 9.

Website of the Ministry of the Environment of Croatia
online data about the condition of water along the coast of Croatia

Water temperature at the resorts of Croatia online

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